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Drillers get paid by the foot whether they hit water or not.
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Knowing depth and yield before you drill a water well can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Water well drillers get paid by the foot whether they find water or not. Our water finding services cost far less than drilling test wells or dry wells.

American Water Surveyors is dedicated to being the premier service provider in the water finding industry. We use the world’s leading edge technology to measure groundwater depths and yields. Our applications assist ranchers/farmers, municipalities, homeowners, real estate developers, golf course developers, water well drillers and any other entity requiring well locating or completion planning. The transmissivity of water can be mapped from the surface, and yield can be estimated in gallons per minute or liters per second. Call or email American Water Surveyors today to find out more about our services or to request a quote.

There is a universal need for clean water. Only big cities and densely populated areas have piped water. Elsewhere aquifers (groundwater) often provide clean fresh water via wells. In the past the only effective way to find groundwater supplies has been by water well drilling, often with a “water witch” or “dowser”, that is, a magician, claiming to have the divine powers of determining where to drill at a particular location. Drilling is an effective but costly exploration method. The modern oil industry grew in the early twentieth century when drilling was replaced by gravity and then seismic surveying as its principal exploration methods. Seismic reduced exploration costs tenfold and oil exploration and development companies rapidly grew richer than the groundwater business, which was still, and remains, locked into the use of magic to fulfill an essential need. Waterwitching is probably the only form of magic still believed in by a large proportion of the adult population. However, the only effective method for locating groundwater supplies in advance of the drilling is based upon physics, rather than magic. Seismoelectrics is now the technique of choice for cost-conscious groundwater users.

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American Water Surveyors has completed over 640 groundwater surveys in 22 states: Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Illinois, Montana, Utah, Nebraska, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Wyoming, Ohio, Iowa, West Virginia, Maryland. We can go anywhere!

How a water well is drilled
What you should know before you drill a water well
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More About Us:

Drilling for fresh water can be an expensive and time-consuming process. Whether you are already planning on drilling water wells in for Texas or looking Texas drilling companies, before you do you should consider having American Water Surveyors conduct an affordable groundwater survey on your property. We have been hired not only by our clients directly but have also assisted New Mexico well drillers, Texas well drillers and water well drillers in other states. People who don’t live in urban areas where clean water is piped in need to have access to well water that is safe to drink. However, water well drillers often depend on antiquated or guesswork methods to determine where water may be found, or they drill experimental wells (exploratory test wells) which drive up the cost for the consumer and they can be ineffective. Not all water well companies have the same level of expertise. So if it’s water well drilling Colorado, Kansas drilling, Texas drilling or you are water well drilling in Oklahoma make sure you are armed with the knowledge you need to select the best water well drilling companies. We offer a book, “What you Should Know Before You Drill a Water Well” and a DVD, “Water Well Basics: How a Water Well is Drilled” to help guide you through the process  Drilling water wells in Texas are no different than water well drilling in New Mexico, but you will still need a basic understanding of how a well is constructed and what questions to ask your driller BEFORE the drilling begins.

American Water Surveyors uses a different approach. Advanced seismoelectric survey instruments allow water well seekers to detect water, as well as the depth and its anticipated yield. Portable equipment for finding water allows real estate agents, farmers, municipalities, and golf course developers to efficiently determine the best location before the expensive water well drilling commences. Geology, water tables, and area water well logs are all considered into the activity. We will travel anywhere in the United States to help our clients with their Texas well water, Oklahoma water wells, well drilling New Mexico or their well drilling Colorado.  Call us for a very affordable quote for our services. Compare the cost of one dry well to the cost of our services and you’ll see what we mean. Remember, water well drilling incurs a cost, whether the driller hits water or not.

Traditionally, drilling a water well was preceded by water dousing or witching, also known as divining. It was first practiced in Germany in the 15th century and its methodology remains similar today, with a Y-shaped twig or metal rods held in both hands with the single branch facing outwards. The diviner walks over the ground where the well water is most likely to be found, and if and when the twig wavers or drops down, the water source is reputed to be below.

Sometimes a pendulum of crystal on a chain is used. It is asked appropriate questions, and the crystal swings from right to left or back and forth, answering “yes” or “no.” Skeptics have largely discounted both non-scientific methods of finding water wells as today’s highly technological practices produce much more reliable, and credible results.

The practice of drilling a water well has also experienced a revolution. Originally, a well was dug by hand with a pick and shovel, painstakingly eliminating the soil by a bucket hauled to the surface. The activity continued until the water table was found. As often as not, a dry hole resulted in the procedure being repeated a few feet away, with hopes of success often being dashed by the same result. More modern methods include truck-mounted drilling trucks, with rotary bits driving their way through rock and going well below the water table so the consumer has a steady supply of water.

American Water Surveyors use state-of-the art technology to find the best water available. Using portable discovery and drilling equipment, their water well surveyors have been bringing their services to many states in the southern USA and are able to travel to other locations as well. Seismic exploration, which sees the fluids in rock and soil, has reduced drilling expenses ten-fold when compared to methods in earlier use. American Water Surveyors welcomes the opportunity to survey for any water well Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, any state.

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