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Since the times of ancient civilizations, people have been looking beneath the ground for water, as well as minerals, oil, gemstones and more.  Since that time, people have been trying to find any advantage possible to allow them to see beneath the ground to assure themselves that what they want to find will be there. Early water well drilling techniques have sought out dowsers, people who walked over the earth with forked sticks, metal rods or swinging pendulums to indicate the water. While this method is still used today, there is no scientific evidence to support it. Water well drilling has long been a chance, a best guess.  However, with the costs and stakes involved it’s no wonder that it is important for everyone to know what is beneath the ground before going down there.

American Water Surveyors has the scientific technology to put certainty into water well drilling. They use electro-seismic geophysical equipment to map the water table, showing where the water is before the drilling begins. Their equipment also shows how much yield can be expected. Being able to see beneath the ground ensures that dollars are not wasted. Water well drilling can begin with some assurance of where and how deep to drill. It is equally as important to know how fast the water will flow. An investment in a well is wasted if the water will not flow to the surface in useable amounts.  

While water well drilling by guesswork is slow, expensive and damaging, the technology behind American Water Surveyors ability to see the water is the opposite. They use a computer-receiver called the GF3500 combined with software and the necessary power, antennas, cables and electrodes. This technology detects electrical signals by passing through the layers of rocks, sediments and soils. The depth that the signals originate from is determined by the travel time of the impulse that was sent down. The quality of the water is estimated by the relationship generated as the signal penetrates the aquifer. They can also estimate the depth of the water table by noting how the signal changes from disordered to focused.

This technology can help anyone who needs to drill a well and include homeowners, ranchers and farmers as well as anyone who needs a supplemental water source—real estate developers, municipalities or golf course developers all need reliable sources of groundwater. This technology has been saving money for these types of clients for more than a decade. The services are highly portable, requiring only a surface that is not too rocky or too close to underground or overhead power lines and an area that is accessible to a pickup truck.

Before investing in water well drilling that drills for water using the best-guess method, call American Water Surveyors first and let them find the water. The services they offer and the equipment they use is highly portable and they go where they are needed. American Water Surveyors is located at PO Box 164163 Fort Worth Texas 76161-4163. Phone at 817-788-5716. Online contact them at info@wefindwater.com

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