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Testimonial #1

After having five wells drilled in two different subdivisions and all were successful at obtaining water, I didn't realize how lucky I was until I drilled my sixth one.  After my well company drilled to a depth of 900 feet and to the tune of $8500.00 without hitting a drop of water, except for the beads of sweat dripping off my forehead in frustration, I realized how lucky I had been with the first five wells. At this time I really started to question my well company about why they, as the "water" well company couldn't tell me where to drill so I would hit water.  The only thing I heard was that "we could move over 10 feet either way and MAYBE hit water".

Since my last name is not Trump or Gates, I told them there has to be a way someone could tell me where to drill to have the best chance of hitting water.... they had no clue.  That night my wife, the computer person between the two of us, got on the internet and found American Water Surveyors in Texas, that wouldn't guarantee but at least would come and do four test spots for a fee and they would be able to give me a very good idea if there was water below. I hired them to come and we met on the property to do their testing.

After doing the four spots, Gerald told me he was pretty sure we had water in one particular spot, but I would have to wait for the analysis.  About a week later Gerald called me with the results.  He said the 4th spot would be my best shot.  He estimated that I would hit 10 gallons per minute @180 feet.  The well company came in and started drilling and actually started hitting a little water @ 130 feet and kept going and at 185 feet they were at 10 gallons per minute.  With the 10 gallons per minute I was able to provide water to at least three homes.

Needless to say I told Gerald I would not drill another well without calling him to come and give me the best locations on my property to hit water.  If I had done that before I would have saved a lot of money and time, so I feel it's a no-brainer! 

Jim Housley-Haysville, NC

Testimonial #2

“After our well driller drilled a well to 600 feet on our ranch and still hadn't hit water, we didn't want him to go any deeper without knowing for sure. So we hired American Water Surveyors to do a groundwater survey. They tested where we had started the well, but didn't detect any water. They moved about half mile away to test another area and their analysis indicated 5-10 gallons per minute at approximately 328 feet. The final result of the well we drilled at that location was 340 feet deep with a yield of 6 gallons per minute. We have since hired them for another survey, again with successful results."

Bill Sauble-Sauble Ranch Company-Maxwell, NM

Testimonial #3

“Gerald is hands down one of the best operators of the Groundflow technology I have had the privilege of working with. Gerald and I have worked together on various projects over three years and I couldn’t ask to work with a more honest and ethical person. Gerald is very intelligent and has no trouble tackling even the most difficult situations. As a published author, Gerald comes with a wealth of knowledge and is a go to person in groundwater assessment industry.”

Ervin Kraemer-Consultant, Aqualocate, LLC

Testimonial #4

“I hired Gerald to use his sonar technology to determine likely drilling locations for well water on our West Texas ranch. This is not an area noted for having a lot of ground water, so it was important to determine high probability spots before spending a lot of money on drilling. With Gerald's report in hand, our well driller struck water on the 1st or 2nd spot that he tried drilling. We have sufficient water to put that well into production. This probably saved us money on extra drilling that would have been required otherwise. The next time we need to drill more well(s) I plan to use Gerald's services again.”

Mark Jensen-Fisher County, TX

Testimonial #5

Needing to have a water well to reduce cost associated with three cooling towers and irrigation, I decided to hire American Water Surveyors to search for water. The alternative would have been an educated guess or a divining rod, but at $4,500 for each “guess”, the $3,300 for a scientific and more accurate approach ending with 8 sites was more cost effective given the budget constraints. The result is a well with 38 gpm, which will reduce the water budget by $20,000 to $25,000 per year with a payback for the entire project in two years. With the economy the way it is, and just being wise with money, using American Water Surveyors is the most cost effective way to search for water.

Jim Vance – Brentwood, TN

Testimonial #6

We wanted to let you know the results of our drilling after applying the information that your company provided. First, let me just say that your crew was very nice and professional. We gave your findings to our driller who was very sceptical and didn't believe we would find water, but we requested he drill in hole 2, which your report indicated would be our best location.To Clinton's (Valley Pump and Drilling) surprise we hit water at 100 feet and then hit, in his words, "THIS IS A HELL OF A WELL", at 245 feet. We requested that he drill down to 325 feet. He agreed, intrigued to see if YOU guys really knew what you were talking about. It turns out that you did. Clinton was very impressed and requested your number for a couple of clients. We currently have good clean water, and would like to thank your company for your efforts. I had expressed an interest in your technology, and feel your company could benefit greatly from this area of the country. A good example: our neighbor drilled 4 holes 3 came up dry and the last one at 1000' hit water 1/2 gallon a minute. This might be a part of the country that is untapped in your field. In closing, we would like to thank you for responding to our e-mail, and we will continue to tell all that we can about your company.

Denise Kirkpatrick – Alamosa, CO

Testimonial #7

Hi Gerald: As you know, we performed a well test yesterday and are the delighted owners of a solid 5 gpm well!! After 10 dry holes on our 20 acres, we were about to give up and sell the property. Since I found you on the internet, I had plenty of doubts about the legitimacy of your company and technology, but you patiently explained the procedure and gave me plenty of references, which I followed up with. Your clients had only wonderful things to say about you, and now, so do we! You found 3 sites with an estimated 3-6 gpm at approx. 180 ft. depth on our property. We drilled to 215 ft. and got 5 gpm. You are amazing!!!!! Please feel free to share our names and contact information with any of your potential clients who might have doubts..

Kathryn Gregory – Marble Falls, TX

Testimonial #8

Gerald: We finely drilled the two best potential wells you identified and thought you would want the results. #7 was forecast to have 50/95 GPM it yielded 48 GPM at 110 feet! #4 was forecast to yield 35/65 GPM It yielded 100 GPM + that's the largest test pump they had, it pumped 100GPM and never pulled the water level down after 2 hours. They're bringing a larger pump Monday to see what it will do. I have never drilled wells this good on my property. Thanks for your help.

Bob Stewart – Andrews, TX

Testimonial #9

In 2016, we recognized that our well, which served as our water source for the humans of our ranch, our gardens and yards, water for some 600 head of livestock, and also for the wildlife on our 22,000 acre ranch, was being severely compromised by the irrigation wells around our headquarters property. One of our friends, a rancher near Douglas, AZ, sent me an email asking if we would be interested in having a hydrologist come survey our property for potential well sights. We did and made contact with Gerald Burden from American Water Surveyors in Texas. We set up a visit with him, and he and his crew came to do a survey of water at a number of sights on our ranch. We did not find good water on our 40 acre Headquarters, but he found excellent water in our horse pasture, which is connected both to our headquarters and our state land lease.

From the excellent data he provided, we sought funding through NRCS to drill the well. We were approved for the well in late 2016, and the engineers utilized Gerald’s data for our contract. The well was completed a month ago—670 feet deep and ability to produce 35 gal per minute. We connected the well to pipelines over about 15,000 acres of land. A week after the well was pumping, our headquarters well collapsed, and we connected the headquarters into the well pipeline. Without the impetus of Gerald’s visit to our ranch, we would be up a serious creek right now—no water on our ranch.

Gerald and his staff were very professional, prompt, and courteous to our family, and we certainly plan to do business with his company in the future, should we need another well. I highly recommend his company and their work to anyone who needs a well!

Susan E. Wilson-Sanders, DVM, MS, DACLAM

University Animal Care—Central Animal Facility
The University of Arizona
1127 E Lowell St
Tucson, AZ 85721-0101
520-626-9612 (W) 520-403-8510 (C)

Testimonial #10

We could not have had a more professional and positive experience. They arrived on time, worked quickly, and returned a report rapidly. Our report indicated the site and point at which we could expect to find water. It was found exactly where the estimates said that it would be. We hit water today and can confidently begin construction! 5 out of 5 Stars!

Elizabeth Martin
Dover, TN

Testimonial #11

I really appreciate your help in finding water for us. The area that you worked in on the ranch is typically an area where there isn't much water. Your work there bore that out. The original well produced only about 4 GPM, but it was enough to supply almost 5 miles of pipeline. The production in that well had dwindled to less than 1 GPM. We hired a drilling company to drill a new well. The owner assured me he could find water. The new well did not produce any more than the old well. After you guys came to the ranch and did your testing, we marked what you thought was the best location to drill. After several months of searching, I found a driller that I had confidence in. A well was drilled and when we tested it, the well produced 16 to 18 GPM. I am very excited about putting this new well to work. Thank you again.

Merry Christmas!
Frank McLelland

T- Bar Ranch
Tahoka, TX

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