Summary: Water witching may be one of the only forms of magic that many members of the modern adult population still believe in. American Water Surveyors has a better method of finding groundwater, which is rooted in science and technology.

If you’ve ever stopped to consider what method of finding water reigns superior, American Water Surveyors is here to help. Water divining may still be believed by a number of individuals, but it is actually technology that has proven to deliver the most reliable results. See below for our side-by-side comparison of ancient water divining versus modern technology.

Water Divining

In the past, the only effective way to find groundwater supplies has been by water well drilling while accompanied by a “water witch” or “dowser”. These people are essentially magicians who claim to have the divine powers of determining where to drill at a particular location. How do they do this? Traditionally, drilling a water well was preceded by water dousing or witching, also known as divining. It was first practiced in Germany in the 15th century and its methodology remains similar today. A dowser holds a Y-shaped twig or metal rods in both hands, with the single branch facing outwards. They begin to walk over the ground where the well water is most likely to be found, and if the twig wavers or drops down, the water source is thought to be located below. In some cases, a pendulum made of crystal can also be used. The crystal is asked the appropriate questions, to which the pendulum swings from right to left, or back and forth. Depending on the direction, these answers correlate to “yes” or “no”. Skeptics have largely discounted both of these non-scientific methods of finding water because today’s technological practices produce much more reliable and credible results.

Water Finding with Technology

American Water Surveyors believes that the only effective method for locating groundwater supplies in advance of drilling is based upon physics, rather than magic. Seismoelectrics is now the technique of choice for cost-conscious groundwater users. We use state-of-the art technology to find the best water available. With our portable discovery and drilling equipment. Our water well surveyors have been bringing our highly rated services across the USA for years. Seismic exploration – which sees the fluids in rock and soil – has vastly reduced drilling expenses when compared to earlier methods. The GF3500 seismoelectric survey instrument is designed specifically for detecting electrical signals generated by the passage of seismic impulses through layered rocks, sediments and soils. Its design is portable, rugged and simple. The remarkably high signal to noise ratios achieved with the patented design means that productivities are high – up to 20 sites can be surveyed by a single operator in one day’s work. The depth from which signals originate can be estimated in the same way as in a seismic reflection survey, by utilizing the travel time of the downgoing seismic impulse. The quality of the aquifer is estimated by semi-empirical relationships established between signal bandwidth and amplitude and aquifer permeability. These are supported by thousands of observations over the past decade. It is also possible to estimate water table depth by noting the downward transition from a disordered signal geometry to signals having focused radial symmetry. Systematic surveys along traverses or in grids allow the lateral variability of aquifers to be mapped.

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