Description:  Shallow wells can be problematic. A deeper well lasts longer and offers some protection from surface containments.

Living in the city, it is common to grab a glass from the cupboard and turn on the cold water tap to get a drink. We don’t often think about where the water comes from, it is just there. When you reside in the country or in places where water is not as easy to come by, more thought is needed. Well water is common in rural areas, but first you need to find the water and then hire well diggers.

Why Avoid Shallow Wells?

One of the first things to determine is the size and depth of the well. A well is considered shallow if it is under 50 feet in depth. A deep well has a longer serviceable life and can better withstand a drought. Shallow water wells are also at a higher risk of bacteria infection. The water is more stagnant than deeper wells, making it easier for bacteria to grow.

The closer the water is to the surface, the more it can be affected by runoff. There is an increased risk from fertilizer run off as well as from things such as motor oil and manure. All these can seep into the ground and affect your well. If an oil drilling operation is nearby or there have been periods of heavy rain, your well may be compromised. Test the water frequently to ensure it remains safe to drink.

Drilling Your Well

Every well needs to be on a testing and maintenance schedule even though deeper wells can benefit from more natural filters (earth, sand, sediment). Start by contacting water surveyors that use scientific equipment to locate the best place to drill the well. This doesn’t mean just finding water. It means finding a deep source of groundwater with a high flow rate and yield.

American Water Surveyors uses seismic equipment to locate the best place to drill a deep well on your land. We help you avoid issues with shallow wells by locating deep resources of groundwater. In addition to added safety and more protection from surface contaminants, deeper wells have a much longer serviceable life, provide stronger water pressure, and can better withstand droughts.

Are you looking to drill a deep well on your property? American Water Surveyors is here to help. Remember, well drillers get paid by the foot so without a water survey, it’s tempting to tell the drillers to just stop when they hit water. However, this can lead to a problematic shallow well. Contact American Water Surveyors today so we can locate the ideal place to drill your deep, long-lasting well. For more information, click HERE to view our website.