Description:  Water finding is not just for farmers wanting to drill a well. Water finding technology allows for information such as water depth and flow and determining the water table. Water finding for developers should be included in every project design to save time and money.

Designing a building or a community takes time, money, and talent. An architect begins with a thought and then draws each aspect of the plan. Once the blueprints are completed, it is time to bring the project to life. Contractors are hired and supplies are purchased. A land surveyor comes in and surveys the land to complete all the markings for boundaries.

One thing that should also be considered is a water survey.

This step is not just for rural areas and digging wells, water finding for developers is a needed step in the process of any commercial project. Water finding is more than dowsing (a divination “method” using a stick to locate water). There is a science in locating water for development planning.

Why Developers Need Water Finding Services

During the planning stages of development, it is important to consider the water flow rate, depth and yield and to measure the water table to ensure that the project will not be built in an area where the aquifer could cause structural concerns.

Water finding for developers, when provided by American Water Surveyors, means having access to scientific methods and data to accurately find the location of underground water resources on the land, and also report on the depth, yield, and flow. Without a full picture of the resource, you could wind up with a well too shallow for long-term use, or too insufficient to support later growth phases of your development.

Another part of the designing stage of the project can include landscaping. Landscapers are hired to plan the exterior portion of the project that adds additional functionality and curb appeal. Tree and shrubs may be included, and grass and flowers are planted. In some cases, lakes and ponds are also installed. Water finding for developers can help with all of the exterior projects. If the lakes and ponds are to be fed by a natural underground water source, then a water development plan is needed. This plan can also assist with ensuring natural watering for other aspects of the landscaping.

Rely on Today’s Technology

Water finding for developers has improved with technology over the years and can be used to save thousands of dollars and take the guesswork out of where the underground aquifers are on your land. So, what exactly is EKS water locating? Essentially, it’s the process of finding water without the use of exploratory drilling. American Water Surveyors instead uses seismoelectric technology to search for water deep underground. This unique technology can sense the changes in soil that indicate the presence of water. It can even give a sense of the amount of water and accessibility, such as if it is located beneath hard rock.

Water finding technology is portable and can be brought out to complete the survey anywhere. The technology can complete all the measurements to determine water depth and flow in a short period of time and provide the data needed prior to digging for building purposes or drilling for water for the ponds and lakes for the landscaping. By having all the available data, better decisions can be made, and costly mistakes can be averted.

There are many reasons to bring a water finding expert to the project. For more information about water finding for developers and the resources they can provide, click here.