Description:  American Water Surveyors understands the challenges associated with finding water on your farm or ranch. We bring the best science and service to save you money and time.

Food production today demands farmers continuously grow their operation. At the same time, they must ensure its economic viability so their future generations can keep it going. When the farm or ranch grows, so do its’ water requirements. Whether it’s automatic waterers for livestock or seeking out well water on the farm for crop irrigation, finding the best source underneath all those acres isn’t easy and drilling wells is certainly not cheap.

At American Water Surveyors, we have a deep understanding of our farming and ranching clients and their groundwater assessment needs. We work with them to solve the groundwater challenges they face by lending our expert understanding along with proven science and technology. It takes an appreciation for the work farmers do to ensure their needs are met anytime well water on the farm or ranch is required. We take the time inefficiencies, guesswork and wasted costs out of the equation so farmers can get the job done right and get on with their business.

How do we do this? It’s about finding the ideal places to drill for well water on the farm and using the best science out there while respecting that people have budget constraints. But it’s also building relationships with our farmers that drives us. So, as they continue to grow, we’ll be there when they need us.

Location, location, location

Well water on the ranch or farm is not distributed equally across all the pastureland and fields. Sure, anyone can drill and maybe find water. But how far down will they have to drill? And, what will the flowrate capability be for that well when – and if – they find it? When people can nail down the optimal location the first time, they save valuable time, money and just plain hassle while ensuring the well meets the needs of their operation.

Take the guesswork out

Trust us, trial by elimination is not the way to do business on the ranch or farm. The ability to confidently make good decisions is. We use the world’s leading-edge science and technology to measure groundwater depths and yields across any area farmers are working with. From locating well water on the ranch or farm to the completion planning, we do the science behind the scenes to give farmers the best results. This includes solar and Electro-Kinetic Seismic technologies for mapping capabilities that present an accurate picture of the groundwater, measured in gallons per minute and even liters per second. Our state-of-the-art technology means we can provide our farmers all the information they need around groundwater depth, yields and suitability before they move on to the costly drilling process.

Put the farm’s money to the best use

We know that the business of farming and ranching is built on a tight budget to begin with, and today’s economy certainly doesn’t help. Our goal is to deliver our clients knowledge and advice they can trust because it’s backed by science and our experience. When ranchers and farmers have accurate information to work with, they can successfully drill in the right place for the best well water on the ranch. They get it right the first time and they’re keeping costs down, putting more money back in their pockets.

Depend on us, we find water

Time and again our clients thank us for our vast knowledge around any ground water assessment need or service. We’re based out of Texas, but it’s our pleasure to bring our expertise right out to the field wherever we’re needed. The farmers and ranchers we continue to work with trust us as honest, ethical problem solvers. We work in partnership with them as they grow their operation today, and for their future generations.

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