As anyone who has had to drill for water before can tell you, the process can be time-consuming and expensive. It wasn’t that long ago that finding water supplies took a lot of exploratory drilling, where drilling companies would use large and expensive equipment to search for water. This was not only time-consuming and expensive, but it also left large parts of people’s property with unsightly holes and marks.

Fortunately, there is an alternative to exploratory drilling that can save you time, hassle and, most importantly, money. It’s called EKS  (Electro-Kinetic Seismic) technology, and American Water Surveyors is on the leading edge of using EKS to find water on your land.

Water Locating Services

So, what exactly is EKS water locating? Essentially, it’s the process of finding water without the use of exploratory drilling. American Water Surveyors instead uses seismoelectric technology to search for water deep underground. This unique technology can sense the changes in soil that indicate the presence of water. It can even give a sense of the amount of water and accessibility, such as if it is located beneath hard rock.

Using this technology, the water locating experts actually removes much of the guesswork when it comes time to drill. The actual work of using the seismoelectric technology reduces the time necessary to find promising water sources. The method is a scientific procedure that requires technical expertise in the equipment, which itself is lightweight and portable. The process requires a comprehensive survey of the property using the technology, and the technician will mark potential aquifers for future drillers. Overall, it means less time drilling, which drastically reduce your costs.

The process also means your property won’t be marked up with as many drill holes. This not only means your property can look better after the process is finished, it also means less time filling in holes where potential water sources weren’t found.

Find water before you drill to save time and money

The bottom line is that water drilling is expensive – most drillers charge by the foot and that adds up if they drill where water is not present. Many drilling companies can make educated guesses on potential aquifers trapped deep in the earth, but the best way to find the right source the first time is to use EKS water locating services.

American Water Surveyors use the latest in seismoelectric technology to find better water sources without drilling. Our team of technicians can survey your property for potential aquifers that could be your next water source. They can not only find the water but judge if it will be a reliable source as well, meaning you are more likely to find a reliable water source before the drillers arrive.

If you want a reliable water source quickly, then be sure to remove the hassle by calling American Water Surveyors. Our team can help you get the water you need for a lot less.

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