Most of us don’t think about what all is under our feet at any given time, but professional water finding services do. We often think of water sources as being water bodies like lakes, rivers, bays and oceans, but millions of Americans and many farms, cities and individual homeowners depend on underground water in their daily lives. Here’s why it’s so important to get the location of that water exactly right the first time.

Cost Reduction

Where you drill your well will be a huge factor in what it costs. Locating the water source and determining where you can access the source and the volume is extremely important.

This can also help you determine where structures on your property should be built. If you are a homeowner, you may want to build your home closer to the well to reduce piping/water line length. If you are a farmer, maybe you build your barn or animals’ watering troughs closer to the well for exactly the same reason.

Remember that when you hire a drilling company, they charge by how deep they drill, whether they find water or not. If your driller misses the water source because of poor locating, you end up with a much more expensive bill with no water to show for your efforts. Hiring a professional to make sure that the drillers know where to dig is a big cost-saver.

Public Service

As a municipal government it is your responsibility to serve your people the best you can. This includes all manner of due diligence to get the highest volume of local water without having to use more expensive methods to neighboring water sources that will end up costing your town more. There is also a sense of independent pride that American municipalities have of being as self-sufficient as possible that cannot be understated. If your town can provide a necessity like water for itself, it will proudly enjoy that privilege.

Water Fuels Industries

Water is an absolutely necessary resource for almost every industry. Commercial farming requires irrigation, which needs a reliable water source. Oil drilling requires a water source. Livestock farming needs to provide a ton of water for their animals. Your town having a quality source of water can be critical to growing your town’s infrastructure and the growth of new businesses. These businesses will bring in more jobs, people, and even more industries.

Absolutely Essential

Water is one of the simplest building-blocks of human society. Our businesses use it to produce materials. We use rivers and oceans to transport those materials, and we absolutely require it to survive as individuals! This makes locating and securing the best and most efficient water sources absolutely essential to our growth as a society. There is not a single person in your municipality, or the world, who cannot do without water. Trust professionals to locate and advise you on extraction. It’s not something that anyone should just guess at.

At American Water Surveyors, we use state-of-the-art seismic processes combined with electric logging to identify aquifers within the earth. The aquifer presence, depth, and flow potential can be measured, prior to drilling a well.

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