Mr. Steve Coale shares his experience he had with our company finding water on his ranch in Montana and how important it was to his wildlife conservation project as an absentee landowner.  If you would like to contact American Water Surveyors about finding groundwater prior to drilling a water well on your property you can reach us at 877-734-7661, ext 1. Or visit our website for more information about our services.

The link for the video is:
The focus in showcasing the conservation work by landowners includes the following:
1. Capture the vision of the landowner and what he or she wants to accomplish by balancing conservation with other activities, including livestock operations.
2. Note the successes and challenges regarding conservation work to date and work that is underway.
3. Document the changes that have taken place since the purchase of the property (wildlife friendly fencing, crops, forestry efforts, riparian restoration, fencing cattle out of the river, etc.)
4. Provide tips to other landowners, allowing them to leverage what has been learned.
5. Follow-up in five years to document the changes since the last spotlight. This ends up being a very important archival of conservation work on the ranch which will add tremendous value to the ranch.
If you’re also a landowner who would be interested in having the conservation work you are doing documented through video you can contact Mr. David Neils, Wild Nature Media for more information.