American Water Surveyors help you to find ground water. Ground water is found in a porous part of the ground that holds and moves water through the earth called an aquifer. Unlike cities or major populated areas that have water piped in, ground water is relied on by people in sparsely populated areas. In these areas, clean and fresh water is accessed by drilling.  Ground water is also less vulnerable to pollution than surface water. Many areas in the United States use ground water as their sole provider of water because of these reasons.

If ground water is found to be polluted, it’s often more difficult to clean up than surface water or other bodies of fresh water. Ground water can become polluted from industry or garbage when toxins seep into the ground and contaminate ground water.

Ground water is part of the earth’s water cycle. It can be replenished naturally by rain, streams, and rivers. How long it takes to replenish used ground water varies on the location of the aquifer. It can take anywhere from a day to one thousand years. Every area is different, but this is why it’s so important to avoid polluting local streams and rivers. When a polluted river feeds into an aquifer, it will almost certainly pollute that portion of ground water. This can be detrimental to the people in the area who depend on that water to drink.

Safe drinking water is an important part of people’s everyday lives. There are people and countries in the world where safe, clean, and fresh drinking water is a luxury. By doing your part to prevent pollution of local rivers and streams, you will help keep the ground water in your area clean and safe to drink. This is especially important if you are dependent on a well for your drinking water.

American Water Surveyors can help you find ground water if you are in need of fresh ground water for wells or municipal areas. We use scientific methods and technology to locate water and estimate the depth and yield before the drillers do their work.  We don’t use water witching or other kinds of “witchcraft” used to find water in the past! American Water Surveyors will use expertise and the right equipment to save you time and money.  Never drill another dry well.  Call American Water Surveyors today and let us help you find your best sources of groundwater.  Contact us by email at or click here for more information.