Before hiring water well drillers to work on your land, make sure that certain steps are taken to ensure that the area being drilled has water and that the source giving water will continue to provide for many years. The first step to take is to contact a reputable company for a groundwater survey. A groundwater survey company uses specialized equipment to find sources of underground water. Drillers get paid by whether or not water is found, therefore, knowing where the water is before drilling takes place saves you valuable time and money.

Once you know where to drill, the second step is to hire a reputable driller. Verify that the water well drillers have the appropriate and valid licenses to be able to operate and construct wells in your locality. Hiring an unlicensed and inexperienced contractor can waste valuable time and money. Once it has been determined that the contractor does indeed have a license to perform the work, it is imperative to find out if they are insured. Most homeowner and business insurance policies do not include any type of coverage for accidents on the property caused by new construction work. Therefore, it is up to the contractor to have appropriate insurance coverage so that the homeowner is not liable for the cost if an injury or damage were to occur on their property.

Are the drillers providing a competitive amount for their quote? It is never wise for one to hire a contractor based solely on their price. If several quotes are given, it is best to compare estimates from each one as ‘apples to apples.’ This means going over each detail and making sure that each estimate is a quote for the exact same type of work. Any time a contractor is hired, it is prudent to go over the exact type of work they will be doing. Homeowners should ask questions and expect detailed answers from the well drillers. What type of well are they drilling? What type of pump system will be installed? How often should maintenance be done on the equipment installed? What vital information is needed for the future? What does their warranty on their work include? Reputation is another big factor to consider. Water well drillers with a great reputation and verifiable work history are likely to be trustworthy and dependable and will provide aftercare services if problems arise with the well. There should be a clear understanding between the homeowner and the contractor on all terms of payment. Will they require a down payment before drilling begins? Will they accept installments? What are their conditions? Have everything in writing before giving the go ahead for any drilling or services.

Drilling a well is a large investment and it is vital that you take the necessary steps to ensure you hire the best water well drillers. However, even the best drillers will disappoint you if you drill a dry well. Know where the water is before you drill. This important first step is the key to getting your drilling project right the first time.

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