When you’re building a home, establishing a real estate development or putting up any kind of building, water is always a major consideration because having a clean and reliable source of water is essential for health and happiness.

If you have the potential to access ground water in your area, it’s a good idea to make every effort to find it and put in a well to get at it because there are many advantages to having your water supply come from deep underground – as opposed to an above ground source like a creek or lake.

Clean, cool and plentiful

For the most part, groundwater is the safest source of water you can find. If your aquifer is located at least 65 feet from a septic system or other sewage treatment facility, it’s highly unlikely it will ever be polluted because the water is filtered naturally as it percolates down from the surface through layers of sand, and rock. Wells accessing groundwater are generally closed, so there is little risk of contamination and also no possibility of children or animals falling in – making this kind of well safer than others.

Don’t forget that the temperature of water deep underground tends to remain more stable, so it will feel cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than above ground sources, which tend to fluctuate rapidly with the changing temperatures; and since the well is so deep, there is little evaporation, which means there will be a higher chance that you won’t experience drastic water shortages during the hot summer months.

Soft and free

Ground water also tends to be a source of naturally soft water, with less dissolved minerals than are found in most above ground and urban water systems. Hard water that contains lots of dissolved solids can make your soap lather poorly and lead to a buildup of lime scale that can damage your plumbing and promote corrosion in your system.

Finally, after the initial cost of drilling your well and getting things set up, using ground water is essentially free and unrestricted. So you can say goodbye to water bills and water use restrictions when your groundwater well is put in place.

But before you get too excited about a ground water well installation, it’s important to have your local water tested to make sure it’s suitable for use, and you’ll need to have it tested on an ongoing basis to ensure its purity and safety. That being said, developing a groundwater system is much less expensive and time consuming than putting a surface water system in place.

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