Summary: American Water Surveyors allows you to explore alternative options from drilling test wells in order to locate water. Our methods, using seismoelectric survey instruments, can save you hundreds in drilling expenses, as we can locate water before you begin to dig.

Are you looking to drill for water in Kansas? This can be a costly enterprise, as drilling a dry well or a well that simply doesn’t produce enough water to justify the cost can set you back tremendously. With American Water Surveyors, you can achieve peace of mind before you dig, as we are able to locate sources of ground water without drilling.

Why Test-Hole Drilling for Water is Outdated in Kansas

Drilling test wells may be an effective way to locate sources of ground water, but it is certainly not the most cost-effective. Water well drillers get paid by the foot, whether they find water or not. Drilling test wells can also be ineffective, as you may never locate ample ground water sources in the area that you wish to find it. It’s also important to remember that not all water well companies have the same level of expertise. Water well drillers often depend on antiquated or guesswork methods to determine where water may be found, or they drill experimental wells – also known as exploratory test wells – that increase the cost to you. Knowing the depth and yield before you drill a water well can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

How Seismoelectric Surveys Work

American Water Surveyors does not drill test wells in order to locate water sources. Instead, we use advanced seismoelectric survey instruments to allow our water well seekers to detect water, as well as the depth and its anticipated yield. Our portable equipment allows our team to locate ground water for real estate agents, municipalities, homeowners, farmers, and more.

Geology, water tables, and area water well logs are all considered in our surveys. The GF3500 seismoelectric survey instrument is specifically designed to detect electrical signals generated by the passage of seismic impulses through layered rocks, sediments and soils. The GF3500 and a seismic source are used together, as the seismic source is used to create a sharp sound pulse. When this sound pulse moves through porous and permeable aquifers, the pore water moves relative to the rock matrix. All of this gives us information about the depth, yield, and quality of the aquifer. As seismic exploration sees the fluids in rock and soil, it reduces drilling expenses ten-fold when compared to other methods. Simply comparing the cost of our services to the cost of drilling one dry well will convince you to give us a try. Seismoelectrics is now the technique of choice for cost-conscious groundwater users.

Contact American Water Surveyors

American Water Surveyors will help you find water in Kansas, before you begin to drill for your well. We are based in Fort Worth, Texas, but our water finding services are completely portable. We assist customers across the United States, and we have completed over 640 ground water surveys across 22 States so far. No matter where in Kansas you are located, we can find water for you! We are a premier service provider in the water finding industry. We use the latest technology to measure ground water depths and yields, even mapping the transmissivity of water from the surface before you begin to dig. The success of our EKS technology has been demonstrated over the past 10 years, as we are continually able to determine the depth and flow of ground water for our clients. Contact American Water Surveyors today at 877-SEISMO1 (734-7661) to see how we can help you find water before you drill in Kansas.