If you are interested in drilling a well in Kansas, it is important to know the best place to drill, before you begin. Doing the proper research before you begin can mean hundreds or even thousands of dollars saved. With the techniques used by American Water Surveyors, you can determine the depth and yield before you even begin to drill. The only other way to drill is to simply hire someone to dig, without first taking the necessary precautions to ensure that you hit water. When you pay someone to drill a water well, they are paid by the foot as they dig, regardless of whether or not they actually hit water. It is only by planning ahead that you can avoid spending money on a well that will not even yield you the water that you are seeking. American Water Surveyors will find water for you, before you begin to dig. Our service costs much less than it would cost to drill a series of test wells or dry wells, in an attempt to find water.

Finding Water Before Drilling

Drilling for fresh ground water can be an expensive, uncertain and time-consuming process. By planning before you dig, it can lessen some of the confusion surrounding this ordeal. If you are trying to dig a water well in Kansas, American Water Surveyors can conduct an affordable groundwater survey on your property. Using advanced seismoelectric survey instruments allows us to detect water, including the depth and the anticipated yield of the water that we discover.

Geology, water tables, and area water well logs are all used to determine the best areas for drilling. Seismic exploration allows surveyors to see the fluids within rock and soil, which greatly reduces drilling expenses, as compared to other methods of exploration.

The GF3500 seismoelectric survey instrument is one of the tools used in the exploration of groundwater sources. This instrument is designed to detect electrical signals, which are generated by the passage of seismic impulses through layered rocks, sediments and soils. It is very portable, allowing American Water Surveyors to transport this unit to any location in which it is required. The efficiency of this machine allows one operator to survey up to 20 sites in a single day. Even the depth from which the signals come from can be estimated, as well as the quality of the aquifer. By using this tool, along with a seismic source, ground water can easily be discovered. The seismic source uses sound pulses to move through porous and permeable aquifers, as the pore water moves relative to the rock matrix. Using this technology, surveyors are able to collect information regarding the depth, thickness and quality of the aquifer, thus allowing them to estimate the water yield resulting from drilling in this location.

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Contact us today and get a quote. Simply by comparing the cost of drilling one dry well to the cost of using our services will prove to you that it is smarter and more affordable to plan ahead. Drilling a well will inevitably cost you money, whether or not you actually hit water. By choosing our services instead, you are guaranteed to find water, with the depth and yield that you need to sustain this water source.