Do you have enough water for all your livestock? Maybe you want to open some new pastures but you are concerned that there might not be enough water in that area for the animals. If so, you need to find a new source of water. Drilling for water for a water stock tank will solve your problems, but you don’t want to have to spend a lot of money trying to locate the best source of water. American Water Surveyors has the technology to find your best drilling location before you begin the drilling process. Well drillers don’t know where to drill but having a water survey done before the drilling company starts will give you a good idea.
Another reason that it is good to have some control over where your animals water is because of the needs of the landscape. Grazing livestock can impact the environment, especially in the summer months. Animals pollute! A recent study done shows that grazing cattle can effect overall water quality. Eventually the manure finds its way into the lakes and streams and pollutes the water with harmful microorganisms. The manure also adds nitrogen and phosphorus which increase algae growth. Finally, more toxins are released into the water because of the rising temperatures. The bottom line is that the water becomes very dirty and more money needs to be spent to clean it for human consumption. Having well drillers give you an alternative source of water will let you move your livestock away from these areas.
If you want to find the best place to drill for water that suits your landscape and your livestock, have a water survey done before the well drillers come. The common method of finding water is to drill until you are satisfied, but this is expensive and leaves empty holes all over the ground. Having a water survey done beforehand will tell you where the water is.
Our water survey company,, uses state of the art technology to locate the water before you drill. The survey equipment sends a seismic wave into the ground in the form of a sound pulse that bounces off the rocks, soils and sediments to accurately judge the depth and quality of the aquifer below. The information that comes back can tell how much water there is, how fast it will flow and how long it will last.
In Texas, you don’t need a permit for a water reservoir, but check your local regulations if you live in another state. You may build a 200-acre-foot reservoir on your property to use for wildlife or livestock. If you need water, but you don’t have it where you want it, call the well drillers. But before you call them, call to save you a lot of trouble and money. You want to be sure that you will find water in the place that you need it to be before you drill. Otherwise you may be in for a lot of costly damage to your property. Before you drill, take advantage of the groundwater surveying services to find the water.