Summary: No matter where you are located, American Water Surveyors can travel across the United States. We pride ourselves on being a portable water finding company that can assist our customers, wherever they happen to be.

American Water Surveyors (AWS) is based in Forth Worth, Texas, however, we are a portable water finding company that services the entire United States. If you need to determine the depth and yield of groundwater before drilling, we can help. Don’t waste hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars in digging dry wells, all in an attempt to hit a suitable groundwater source. AWS can travel to you and help you find water, before you dig.

Water Well Drilling

No matter where in the United States you are located, water is essential to the health and well-being of everyone you know. We understand how difficult it can be to find reliable sources of groundwater using outdated methods. With our technology, the transmissivity of water can be mapped from the surface, and yield can be estimated in gallons per minute or liters per second. Traditionally, water well drillers would depend on antiquated or guesswork methods to determine where water may be found. Either that, or they would drill experimental wells, also known as exploratory test wells, which not only drive up the cost exponentially, but can also be ineffective. Keep in mind that not all water well companies have the same level of expertise. If you’re interested in water well drilling in Colorado, Kansas, Texas, or even Oklahoma, make sure you are armed with the knowledge you need to select the best water well drilling company to work with you.

How Can AWS Benefit You?

Are you are already planning on drilling water wells, or are in the process of looking for drilling companies? Before you do, you should consider having American Water Surveyors conduct an affordable groundwater survey on your property. We have been hired not only by our clients directly, but we have also assisted New Mexico well drillers, Texas well drillers and water well drillers in plenty of other states. Everyone who doesn’t live in an urban area where clean water is piped in needs to have access to well water that is safe to drink. It is for this reason that American Water Surveyors is dedicated to travelling all across the United States in order to service our customers. We will travel anywhere in the U.S. to help our clients with their Texas well water, Oklahoma water wells, well drilling in New Mexico, or their well drilling in Colorado. Using portable discovery and drilling equipment, our expert team of water well surveyors have been bringing our services all over this great country. American Water Surveyors welcomes the opportunity to survey for any water well, in any state.

Contact AWS Today!

If you are interested in learning more about our portable water finding services, contact American Water Surveyors today at or call us at 877-SEISMO1 (734-7661). If you need a groundwater survey conducted in your area, we can help! AWS has completed over 680 groundwater surveys in 22 states, including: Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Illinois, Montana, Utah, Nebraska, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Wyoming, Ohio, Iowa, West Virginia, and Maryland. We can go anywhere!