When someone tells you that drilling water wells is easy, turn a deaf ear.  Without due diligence in planning it out and figuring out design specifications beforehand, the resulting water well will be substandard at best, dangerous and unusable at worst. American Water Surveyors invite you to research your options in depth (no pun intended) before you choose a water well service provider that best suits your needs and meets your requirements. We believe that this research is definitely worth the investment.


As you may have guessed, there is much more to drilling water wells than the actual drilling. The land at the planned site needs to be surveyed, other structures nearby need to be taken into account, the best design depending on primary use and location needs to be selected, and every effort needs to be made to ensure that the new well is placed in the optimal spot that would ensure its long-term usability and water quality. If you ask around, few water well drilling service providers out there would be able to provide all of these types of work without subcontracting. That’s where American Water Surveyors comes in.  We use special technology to locate water before the well drillers start digging.  Without knowing where the water is beforehand, the drillers have a high chance of drilling a dry hole – an unusable well that you are required to pay for.


At American Water Surveyors, our processes are streamlined as a result of years of extensive experience in the field and from working with various clients ranging from local governments to small farm owners to community organizations to golf courses. We have worked with each of our clients on an individual needs assessment basis – and customer testimony demonstrates the positive relationship each one of them has enjoyed.


Why would you start drilling water wells without proper surveying beforehand? After all, a driller that is not diligent enough is still going to charge you for the work completed even if that work produces negligible result. Taking all the necessary precautions and making all the important calculations and analysis in advance is a must if you are serious about drilling a new water well.


Seismoelectric testing done by American Water Surveyors is an extremely accurate technology that allows us to pinpoint the best location for your new well quickly and efficiently. We produce clear results and answer your questions: sometimes even before you ask them.

Drilling water wells is something that should be done with skill, patience and true passion for the work. At American Water Surveyors, we work with you every step of the way and take no shortcuts when it comes to safety, efficiency, water quality and customer service. Throughout the years, we have been finding innovative solutions to seemingly impossible problems. Finding the answers is our specialty. Consider us when planning your new water well. We trust that our wealth of experience and enthusiasm will not disappoint you.


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