The Office of the State Engineer in New Mexico has defined a well as a bore hole, cased or screened bore hole, or other hydraulic structure that is drilled, driven, or dug with the intent of penetrating a saturated geologic unit. New Mexico well drillers have strict codes of state compliance to adhere to and need a valid state license before any water well drilling is allowed.
Having a valid drilling permit is vitally important since it validates New Mexico well drillers as reputable companies able to conduct business in the state.
“Any person desiring to engage in the drilling of one or more wells for underground water within the boundaries of any underground source shall file an application with the state engineer for a driller license. It is unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation to drill or to begin the drilling of a well for water from an underground source without a valid, existing license for the drilling of such wells issued by the State Engineer of New Mexico” source:
New Mexico well drillers not adhering to the stringent rules of drilling may be issued a written reprimand, a compliance order or, after a notice and hearing have their license suspended or revoked. These are serious matters. Even a seemingly simple issue of the licensed well driller or his registered drill rig supervisor not being present at the drilling site during well drilling activities violates the license agreement.
Coupled with the complicated issues of drought and water rights issues, including native water rights settlements, New Mexico well drillers really need to do their homework to avoid costly drilling mistakes. American Water Surveyors are knowledgeable professionals, cognizant of the legal ramifications of any drilling that violates the State’s water rights legislations. We have conducted surveys in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Kansas, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and North Carolina. Our experienced personnel provide the important service of finding groundwater depth, yields, and suitability within the parameters of the legalities of the water rights of the individual states.
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