There are over 250 Oklahoma well drillers listed in the Manta online directory. That is a lot to choose from.
Drilling a water well is a very costly undertaking that makes people understandably nervous. In 2009, several people participated in an online forum where the cost of hiring Oklahoma well drillers was discussed. The general consensus was to budget about $10,000 for a well and septic service. Several participants were searching for good referrals for Oklahoma well drillers and were concerned about water being found on the first try. When you are looking at large budget figures, the thought of having to drill in several locations before water is found is very daunting; Oklahoma well drillers get paid whether or not water is found.
To save time and money, you should know where the water is before you dial Oklahoma well drillers. After all, with over 250 in the Oklahoma area alone, you could go through a lot of drillers before you find one that you are happy with. Take the frustration out of the equation by using the services of American Water Surveyors. That way, no matter which driller you choose, you can be assured of drilling a flowing well on the first try. We wrote the book, “What You Should Know Before You Drill a Water Well”, for people who are considering drilling a well.
American Water Surveys saves you valuable time and money by showing you exactly where to drill. Not only can we find water, we can also estimate the depth and yield. We use the technologically advanced GF3500 seismoelectric survey system. The GF3500 is designed specifically for detecting electrical signals generated by the passage of seismic impulses through layered rocks, sediments and soils. Simply put, this is a device that will find water through any combination of rock, dirt, clay, sand, or other sediment.
Oklahoma well drillers provide a valuable and necessary service. However, well drilling is costly. Do not take chances and gamble with your hard earned money. Call American Water Surveyors so you can tell your driller exactly where the water is. Calling American Water Surveyors is a call that will save you money and guarantee your peace of mind.