Ok, so it wasn’t like an interview or anything, but it was some major face time and lots of fun. And you could say I’m deviating from my regular blog related to groundwater surveys, water wells and water well drillers for a day to share my experience. I took the morning off today to go to downtown Fort Worth, TX and watch the Mike & Mike in the Morning show that ESPN broadcasts weekdays from 5:00am-9:00am CST. The show is in town to kickoff ESPN’s coverage of the Super Bowl which is taking place in Arlington, TX. which is in Tarrant County. Fort Worth is the county seat of Tarrrant. It was great to watch live. That’s me near the end of the clip wearing the Cowboys cap (gotta support the home team). Darren Woodson the former Cowboys safety was there as was Pat Summerall, the mayor of Fort Worth and billionaire Ed Bass. TCU brought their band and cheerleaders to provide some commercial break entertainment.

I arrived at 5:00am and there were probably a hundred people there by then and the crowd grew as the morning went on. It was cold, about 43 degrees with overcast skies and got colder by 9:00. It’s supposed to get to the upper 50s today, but the next two days will be another story: Tuesday’s high will be 36 with a wintry mix and winds around 27mph. Wednesday’s low will be 14, 50% chance of precip and winds at 13mph. The ESPN stage is set up in the middle of Main Street which is like being in a wind tunnel. I’m glad I went today because the rest of the week is going to be brutal. I feel for Mike & Mike and their crew. They better have multiple layers of clothes, their electric blankets, heaters, maybe even a little hooch. And even then they’re going to suffer.

The friend I invited will be regretting he didn’t come with me when he sees this video link. I recorded the entire show and got tons of face time that I wasn’t expecting, especially the last two hours of the show.  Also got a freebie ESPN tee shirt that I got Mike & Mike to sign. A great day, one I’ll always remember.

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