Humankinds’ desire to understand and curiosity for the unknown is boundless. We have explored space, the deep waters and caverns of our world, the vastness of our histories and the intricacies of our inner psyche. We are only limited by the technology around us and the limitations we place upon ourselves. Industries have arisen around the exploration of our world and the same can be said for the exploration of the deepest water sources in the world. Most have become a place for the adrenaline junkies, for those seeking an exhilarating dive, for those seeking to explore the less known. Whether they are man-made mines or natural sinkholes, these massive water sources have intrigued many. Let us take a look at a couple of such places in our world.

Dean’s Blue Hole

Dean’s Blue Hole is the world’s deepest sinkhole with an entrance below the water. It is more than 650 feet deep. This hole was located near Clarence Town on the Bahamas’ Long Island – the whole is only visible above the water due to the deep blue color of its water in contrast with the rest of the blue. It is a splendid site.

Kimberley Mine (The Big Hole), South Africa

Even deeper than the Blue Hole, stands the Big Hole with a depth of more than 700 feet and a width of 1,519 feet. Interesting enough, the Big Hole started as a hill but due to human impact it evolved – more than 6,000 pounds of diamonds were unearthed from this site, and at one point, up to 50,000 miners had their picks in the Earth. This once-massive diamond mine remains the largest hand-dug excavation in the world to date and is now filled with water.

Berkeley Pit, Butte, Montana

Another manmade creation, the Berkeley Pit is a former copper mine that now stretches more than 1,700 feet deep. This pit was created as a mine – after the mine closed and pumps were shut off in 1982, the pit began to fill with water that leeches heavy metals and chemicals, like arsenic and sulfuric acid, from surrounding rocks. While entrance into the water is not allowed due to the highly acidic quality of the water, it is a grand place for viewing.

Crveno Jezero (Red Lake), Imotski, Croatia

The third largest sinkhole in the world can be found in Croatia. It has been given the name of Red Lake due to its color that comes from the soil around the cliffs of the lake that contain iron oxides, giving it the burnt hue.

Exploring the depths of our Earth has certainly become the realm of the adventurer, the explorer, the dare devil, and while these pits seem endless with their supply of water, the reality when it comes to clean drinking water is not always as abundant. For those seeking guidance to find these water sources, the need for technology to guide us in finding adequate water sources will continue to rise. The need for organizations that one can trust to guide our searches will increase. At the American Water Surveyors, we are that organization; we are active members of the Better Business Bureau and are dedicated to being the premier service provider in the water finding industry. Our technicians use state of the art technology to provide necessary professional and accurate information to our clients. Based in Fort Worth, Texas our services are highly portable which allows us to conduct groundwater surveys where we’re needed. To find water so your well drillers know where to drill, call us at 877-SEISMO1 (734-7661); 817-788-5716; or e-mail