Summary: A dowsing rod won’t help you find water like the GF3500. Here’s why.

When it comes to finding water underground, there are a few options available to people and companies. Some of these options include dowsing rods, which will likely not help you find water, and tools like American Water Surveyors’ GF3500 seismoelectric survey instrument, that are pretty much guaranteed to find water. What are these techniques and why is choosing a professional water surveying company the right choice?

First, it’s best to explain the differences between the GF3500 and dowsing rods, and how each works.

The GF3500 seismoelectric survey instrument is a tool used by American Water Surveyors to help locate and determine the viability of water sources hidden deep underground. The device uses seismoelectric technology that sends pulses through the earth. Those pulses are then sent to a console for the user to investigate. Since water changes the pulses, the findings can actually visually represent the location and depth of the water. Based on the findings, the user can then determine if water exists below and even make educated assessments on whether that water is a viable source for a well.

A dowsing rod, by contrast, is a stick, usually with a y-shaped split at the end, used to sense where water may be. The process is based on divination, a non-scientific method in which someone who can sense the resources underground can focus their senses through the dowsing rod. While dowsing has long been abandoned in favor of more scientific and conclusive water finding methods, there is still a large group of people throughout the world who practice dowsing.

The main difference between dowsing and the GF3500 is, quite simply, that one is based on science and the other is based on superstition. Dowsing rods date back hundreds if not thousands of years, to times long before we based out knowledge on science and fact. While they sometimes worked, this was purely random or coincidence. Today, much more scientific options are available. Since dowsing is so unreliable, it can lead to lots of unnecessary excavation, costing you time and money.

This is why the difference between dowsing rods and scientific instruments matter: one can save you money while the other will mostly likely cost you time and money. By using American Water Surveyors, you can determine water sources and their viability before starting to dig, meaning you could spend less time and effort trying to find something that isn’t there. In the end, that will save you money and won’t waste your time. Plus, by going with a professional water surveying company, you could potentially find multiple water sources, so you can have multiple wells ready for a consistent supply of water.

People have been trying to find water underground for thousands of years, but it wasn’t until relatively recently that technology was created that can find reliably find water sources. With instruments like the GF3500, we can now look deep underground before excavation and determine the presence and viability of water sources below.

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