Many places in this world are feeling the greatest drought they have felt in decades. The United States has not been isolated from this; in fact, places in the states have never been so hard hit, and fear is starting to kick in; with neighbors fighting neighbors for the last drops of water, accusing each other of overuse and abuse. California is in the middle of incredible drought – East Porterville is in the epicenter with nearly a 1000 private wells that once delivered water to homes and small businesses having all dried up, leaving the residents of this small county with no water. With 3 extremely dry seasons of little to no rain, farmers have shifted from well use to groundwater use to keep crops and animals alive – this has created a further strain on the water. Drilling companies are being hired to drill deeper – there is no restriction on how many wells can be drilled underground in any given year – the concern now is whether the wells being drilled are effective – will digging current wells deeper hit new reservoirs or will new wells in new locations be required to be drilled to address the water limitations?frost proof faucet

American Water Surveyors – how we find the right location to drill your well

Drought has made the need for water conservation even more important. And using those with the knowledge and technology to get the best possible result when drilling for a well is imperative. At American Water Surveyors, we focus on respecting the importance of water, the importance of water conservation, and the importance of using the technology and experience we have to ensure that we drill a deep, effective well. It used to be a matter of luck more than anything when it came to drilling a successful well. Trial and error for the most part, with a lot of focus on understanding the environment, watching where animals seek their water, observing plant growth, etc. Today, while it is still important to look at all this information as well, the real focus is the technology. Even before a well is drilled today, technology is used to discover the depth and the yield of a possible site, saving thousands of dollars.

Utilizing water finding services will cost far less than drilling test wells or dry wells. Look for companies that use the world’s leading edge technology to measure groundwater depths and yields – at American Water Surveyors, we use the transmissivity of water to map the surface and determine the potential yield in gallons per minute or liters per second. Transmissivity is a measure of how much water can be transmitted horizontally, such as to a pumping well. Using this method, we can ensure that you will not be drilling a dry well but will be fully aware of the level of productivity of said well. Our portable seismoelectric survey instruments allow us to detect water, its depth and the anticipated yield.

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