When you are drilling water wells in Colorado, it is important to know where the water is before you drill. Knowing the depth and yield before you drill a water well can save you hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars. When you hire someone to drill a water well for you, they will get paid by the foot as they drill. This money is earned whether they hit water or not! At American Water Surveyors, we are a water finding service that costs far less than drilling test wells or dry wells, and we pride ourselves on being a premier service provider in the water finding industry.

How We Find Water

Using the world’s leading edge technology to measure groundwater depths and yields, we are able to find water in Colorado, before digging any costly wells. The transmissivity of water can be mapped from the surface, and yield can be estimated in gallons per minute or liters per second. In the past, the only ways that were thought to be effective methods of finding water were those that employed the use of a “water witch” or “dowser”. This process involves an individual holding a Y-shaped twig or metal rods held in both hands with a single branch facing outwards. This individual walks over the ground where the water is most likely to be found, and if the twig wavers or drops down, the water source is reputed to be below. These people were simply magicians who claimed to have some kind of divine powers of determining where to drill at a particular location. Even in modern times, this may be one of the only forms of magic still trusted by large proportions of the adult population, although there is no proof that such methods actually work. Our methods for locating groundwater supplies in advance of drilling is purely based on physics, not magic, and these methods have a proven track record of success.

Finding Groundwater in Colorado

Drilling for fresh water can be a very time consuming and expensive process. Before partaking in any costly drilling that runs the risk of producing zero results, call American Water Surveyors to find the perfect location to drill the water well you need. We will conduct an affordable groundwater survey on your property before you drill. You need to know where the water is before you drill, to avoid any costly mistakes including drilling a well where there is no reliable source of water available. Today’s highly technological practices of finding groundwater sources are much more credible than water dowsing. Using portable discovery and drilling equipment, including advanced seismic exploration instruments, we are able to see the fluids in rock and soil. Our method detects water in a reliable manner, and is also able to gauge the depth and anticipated yield of the water sources found. Geology, water tables, and area water well logs are all used when determining the best locations to begin the drilling process. We will travel anywhere in the United States to assist our clients, including Colorado! If you would like to dig your next water well with confidence, contact us today to learn more!