Blog pic 2Water is one of the fundamental requirements for our existence and, just like food, we’ve created all sorts of ways throughout history to get the water we need to the places we want. Methods range from the humble bucket to the complicated irrigation systems that sprinkle the developed world, but they all have something in common: they make water more accessible. There are all kinds of ways people get water in this modern world, here are just a few besides the usual municipal supply:

  1. Walking

It’s hard to believe, but this is the primary way people get water in many parts of the world, and while it comes with some serious issues, like cleanliness, researchers have also discovered the long walk to the watering hole can be an important part of many daily routines. In some places, the walk is an essential aspect of bonding between people. The long hours to and from the source means that there’s plenty of time to talk. Many charity relief strategies around the world are actually placing clean water sources at a fair distance from remote villages. It helps get clean water supplies to people in need without disrupting their cultural practices.

  1. Truck

Probably the most expensive, and in more remote areas with more extreme weather, the most annoying way to get water, is by truck. With this service, people pay for a regular delivery of water to their tank, which is filled and charged based on the amount and, usually, their distance from the supply. This option, for many, is for when wells aren’t an option, either because there isn’t enough water or the cost would be too severe. Trucks are also used for emergency water supply runs if a well dries up or something goes wrong with the water supply. If you aren’t hooked up to a municipal supply, even if your system is reliable, having a water truck company in your contact list is often a very good idea.

  1. Well

A well, for people too far from a municipal supply, is often the best situation. It provides a reliable water supply that can be hooked right into your system. People often complain about the taste of well water, but newer technologies and filtration systems have made it not only cleaner, but sometimes tastier. Wells are dug using advanced water location technology that can assess where ideal spots for wells can be drilled. The area is then drilled and, if it’s deemed a good source, a well will be installed. They require much less labour than walking, and are usually cheaper overall than paying a company to truck in water.

If you need a well drilled, know where the water is before you call the drillers. American Water Surveyors has the combination of experience, equipment, and professional knowhow to find the best well water source possible on your property. No matter if it’s for a large project or a small home, American Water Surveyors is here to help, and get you the freshest, cleanest, and most reliable water supply possible.