It is a known fact that water is a valuable resource regardless of where we live. Its several uses are vital to our survival, and that is why it is high in demand. If you’re a farmer or ranch/landowner, you are aware that it takes skills to locate water underground.  You also have to know the depth and yield before actually beginning the drilling. Here at American Water Surveyors, we use only the latest technology to help our clients locate water.

The GF 3500 is the most advanced machine in earth observation, and can give us the permeability and the depth of aquifers. An aquifer is an underground layer of rock or materials that can hold water, and is where water can be extracted. Its signals are automatically triggered by moving water.  This equipment, along with a seismic source, is used to estimate the depth and quality of aquifers. Our seismic source creates a sharp sound pulse, which moves quickly through porous and permeable aquifers, and travels slowly down water-filled pore spaces.  Moreover, ions in the water are dragged away from their molecular attractions and an electrical dipole is set up that flickers at seismic frequencies.

This instrument is designed to detect electric signals that are triggered by the passage of seismic impulses through rock layers, sediments and soils. This style is meant to increase productivity, because of the high signal to noise ratios.  We are able to estimate the depth from which signals originate by how long it takes for the seismic impulse to go down.

So what exactly are seismic frequencies? Their function is to search for fluids in rocks and soils.  This has proven to be more effective than nuclear magnetic resonance technology, because it is cheaper, as well as yields better results.  When there are changes in the rock (more specifically at the surface that separates layers of sedimentary rocks on the ground, or “bedding planes”) this electromagnetic disturbance is prompted to rush to the surface at the speed of light. When these signals are detected, they give information about the depth, thickness and permeability of the aquifer. This will give an estimate about how much water can be found.

In addition, we can receive signals automatically from the movement of water, and not from the rocks. This technique is fast, cost-effective and not as evasive as drilling. Our equipment collects the electrical signals that are generated by the passage of seismic waves that travel through water-saturated rocks.  If we are looking at surveys that are less than 350 feet, then a special hammer should be used, but the “shut gun” source should be used for anything up to 1500 feet.

We are committed to using only the top quality electro -seismic geophysical and logging equipment. It is used to locate water tables, groundwater productivity, and aquifer permeability. In addition, we only use the most innovative technology, which will provide you with impressive results with groundwater depth, yields, and suitability before drilling.  If you would like to receive estimates before you start drilling please contact us at 1-877-SEISMO1 (734-7661), or you can visit our website at or email us