Water may seem like an abundant resource, as there is 326 million trillion gallons available to us. Water cycles through the ocean and evaporates into the air and rains back down onto the land and into the ocean. However, 98% of the water on this planet is located in the ocean, which means it is unavailable for humans to consume. Fresh drinking water is a resource that everyone in the world needs. It is a renewable resource that is a complete necessity for human life. However, not all water is easy to locate and in some places around the world, and even in the United States, access to clean, potable, fresh bodies of water is limited. To solve this issue as a society we have collectively turned to groundwater as a source.Pic-for-AWS-Blog-150x150[1]

Where can we get groundwater?

No one can dispute that as a global community we need access to water, and it must be water that is clean, or easily cleanable. Groundwater is located in tiny fractures of rock formations, known as an aquifer. Knowing where these aquifers are located can prove to be tricky and finding them is a skill that not many possess. Mapping water from the surface can save companies and communities hundreds if not thousands of dollars – if done properly.

How can we map groundwater?

In the past well drilling was the best way to find and obtain ground water. Well drilling has proven to be effective, but is very costly. In more recent years, to lower costs and become more efficient, companies have been looking for other options to locate groundwater before drilling the well. To properly locate water, highly skilled individuals are hired to study rock formations and complete technology tests on areas that are believed to have water in them. Seismoelectric waves are sent beneath the earth’s crust and into layers of rock to identify electrical signals. This is a completely innovative and unique way to look at rock formations and liquids flowing below the earth’s surface. This technology that is cost effective and efficient. Approximately 20 sites can be surveyed in a day, which allows much more research to be done before digging has commenced. The research and information gathered from these seismoelectric waves gives much stronger estimates of depth and the quality of aquifers. Overall, saves companies and individuals a lot of money, as they will be able to decipher where water is located before digging hundreds of feet.

Who can help you?

American Water Surveyors is located at P.O. Box 164163, Fort Worth, Texas. They are committed to using leading edge technology to provide and find groundwater that can be used in communities around the United States. Using their cutting edge technology, they will help you locate groundwater. American Water Surveyors can be reached by checking their website at wefindwater.com, by calling 817-788-5716, or by email at info@wefindwater.com.