More than 50 per cent of the United States population relies on groundwater for drinking water, especially those who live in rural areas. However, the number one user of groundwater is the agriculture industry, as it uses water to irrigate crops. Groundwater can be found almost everywhere, and the speed at which it flows depends on the size of the spaces in the soil or rock and how well these spaces are connected. Rain and snow melt that seeds down into the cracks of the land’s surface is how groundwater supplies are replenished. There are two ways to extract this water — naturally through springs, lakes and streams, or artificially through a well or pump.

Drilling for water can be expensive, so we have put together a DVD to help you understand the process and save you money on your project.


Here are three reasons why you need Water Well Basics: How a Water Well is Drilled.

Save Money Many homeowners across the United States are turning to well water over the municipal supply for financial advantages. Once your private water well is drilled, you no longer have to pay costly monthly water bills because the water pumped from the ground is free — no matter how much water you use! You will have to budget for periodic well maintenance and a filtration system, but a private well is a long-term investment with a definite financial return. Our DVD explains how your water well will be drilled. Understanding the process helps you select the best driller for your property.

Better Health The municipal water supply is treated with chlorine, fluoride, and other chemicals that add to the overall flavor of the water. This is why people buy filtration systems for their kitchen sinks or prefer bottled water (even though plastic bottles have a significant environmental impact). Well water has a softer and milder taste, which many private well owners find cleaner and more refreshing, because of the natural filtration process that the aquifers provide. Imagine if you could have access to water that not only tastes better but isn’t full of chemicals, 24-hours a day every day of the week! This is what you can enjoy if you drill a water well on your property. Learn how with our DVD Water Well Basics: How a Water Well is Drilled.

Sustainability As briefly mentioned in reason #2, those who do not like the taste of tap water will often turn to other alternatives such as bottled water. However, it takes approximately 450 years for a plastic water bottle to decompose in a landfill. Not only is water from a well a more eco-friendly alternative to bottled water, it is also has less of an impact than the municipal supply.

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Water Well Basics: How a Water Well is Drilled is a must for any property owner looking to drill a well. Get the DVD today, and contact us to find the best and most reliable groundwater source on your land.