Summary: There are many common mistakes people make when drilling for a well in Texas. Here’s a few, and how to avoid them.

Drilling for well water is now an ancient tradition, one that people have been doing in some form or another for centuries. But today, well drilling is taking full advantage of recent technology to make the job easier, faster and cheaper. Despite this technology, people are still committing common mistakes that end up costing them time and money. Here are some of those mistakes, how you can avoid them, and how you can get a well faster and for much less money.

  1. Digging First

Ground water, it should be known, does not exist evenly underneath the earth’s surface. In fact, it exists in very specific places, which makes it very difficult to find. Most people’s first mistake is trying to find that water using exploratory drilling rather than relying on the latest technology used by water surveyors. Exploratory drilling is less precise and can lead to unsightly holes all over your property. It can also be much slower and, as a result, end up costing more money.

  1. Doing it Yourself

Do-it-yourself well drilling is something many people attempt to do and then quickly realize that they are out of their depth. It is the drilling equivalent to the fact that plumbers are busiest on Mondays: someone thinks they know what they’re doing, spends a couple of days making it worse, and eventually their partner calls a professional when they head to work.

Drilling for wells is complicated business but finding the right well spot is as well, which is why you need experts at every step along the journey. Many common well drilling mistakes are around the well itself after it is dug: people interfering with it or putting things too close to it that can disrupt the water supply. Without a reliable source of clean water, many of these mistakes will only be made worse, which is why everyone needs to start with a company that specializes in locating groundwater.

  1. Hiring Drillers and Not Surveyors

Well drilling seems, on the surface, to be a single company’s job, and those people are the well drillers. They, after all, are the ones who dig the well, set it up, and ensure that it’s in working order. But finding the right spot to drill for water is the job of separate professionals: the water surveyors.

American Water Surveyors uses the latest in seismoelectric surveying equipment to locate the best water sources hidden beneath the earth’s surface. By using this technology, water surveyors can point drillers to the right spots, leading to less exploratory drilling more better wells. American Water Surveyors has completed over 640 groundwater surveys in 22 states across the country using this technology, and have connected residents and businesses to consistent, high-quality water sources in all kinds of landscapes and terrain. If you are looking for a reliable well or live outside of your municipal water supply service area, be sure to contact American Water Surveyors. We will help find reliable water sources and cut the costs of drilling a well.