Technology today demands that water well drillers be fully qualified before they can be employed by drilling companies.
Part of the training water well drillers undergo is to learn the setting up, maintaining, repairing and operating of the drilling equipment; the designing of residential water supplies and heat pump systems; the locating, drilling, construction and developing of water wells; the installation and maintenance of water well equipment up to and including the well head; the testing of water wells to ensure an adequate water supply; the preparing of reports for consumers and government agencies; the redrilling, maintaining and sealing of existing wells. (List sourced from this website.)
Other training includes well construction history, well development, well abandonment, basic geology & groundwater, injection wells, drilling methods, aquifer storage, retrieval, well rehabilitation, and geothermal heating & cooling systems. Just by looking at these qualifications, those acquiring the services of water well drillers can have confidence that their well will be drilled in a professional and cost effective manner.
Devoted water well drillers call upon American Water Surveyors to map out and locate the best aquifer sites to drill. These highly trained water well drillers are meticulous in their work. They do not want to waste time drilling dry wells which cost them dearly in time and labor and they are also mindful of the costs to their customers.
American Water Surveyors employ the technology of the GF3500 seismoelectric survey instrument. It is designed specifically for detecting electrical signals generated by the passage of seismic impulses through layered rocks, sediments and soils. The signals detected arise directly from the movement of water, not from the rock matrix. Our equipment and a seismic source are used to estimate the depth and quality of aquifers. The seismic source is used to create a sharp sound pulse. When the sound pulse moves through porous and permeable aquifers, it travels fast in the rock matrix and slower in the water-filled pore space. Systematic surveys along traverses or in grids allow the lateral variability of aquifers to be mapped.
At American Water Surveyors you will find highly qualified professionals who are mindful of the costs to our customers, the water well drillers. We will perform the task of mapping your water source and the drillers will provide you with clean, safe drinking water. Call American Water Surveyors today at 1-877-SEISMO1 (734-7661) or 1-817-788-5716 or email us at to let us help you in your water sourcing needs. Order our book: “What You Should Know Before You Drill a Water Well” at this site.