When selling or buying a property, having a properly documented water well report can make all the difference in the world in determining if the sale will be completed. Water well drillers’ logs are extremely important documents to look over before signing on the dotted line.
Water well drillers have a responsibility to make sure the well is drilled within the property confines and to keep an accurate record of all drilling activities. Colleen, from Real Estate & Water Wells, gives some good advice as to what to look for in water wells logs on her website: Real Estate With Water Well Advice. Colleen notes that Water Well Logs are water well construction reports. Basically, the well log should describe the location of the well, original property owners name, construction details and lithology of the completed well.
Colleen says that documentation should be noted of the finished depth of the well, whether the well was constructed with a well screen, the total number of feet of steel casing that was used, and a clear description of the different materials that were drilled through from the beginning to completion.
Other pertinent information on the water well drillers’ log is the date that the well was drilled, the property address, legal description, perhaps a tag number, water well drillers’ company name, the individual(s) driller’s name and the names of the driller(s) assistant(s) where necessary.
Colleen advises that vendors need to be able to provide a water well log before the property is listed, and if a report is not easily obtainable, calling local water well drilling companies might be helpful since most local water well drillers keep excellent records and provide good customer service in matters such as these.
Colleen cites several instances where the information on the logs was the determining factor as to whether the sale was completed or not. For instance, if the logs noted that several dry wells were dug and abandoned, that indicates that there may not be any good underground sources of water on that particular property. Every dry well has to be reported; therefore, it is in the best interest of the property owners not to have dry wells registered against the property.
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