Drilling for water can be a big expense. Most homeowners don’t have to make a habit of it, fortunately. One well per lifetime is the maximum for most people. However, water well drilling has to be done more frequently for real estate developers, golf course managers, or ranchers, to name a few. No matter whether you have to drill one well or several over the course of your land purchasing life, water well drilling is not cheap. The drilling companies charge between 30 and 50 dollars a foot and the holes they drill can be 400 feet or deeper.
If the hole is very deep, that is, if the water well drilling team had to keep going further and further down to get to the water, as the future well owner, you might not be as happy with the result. The water flow might not be as fast at that depth, or it may not continue to yield for as long as you had hoped. Pumping costs will be higher. Still, you may choose to put up with it, considering the cost of the hole. The drillers are paid for the holes that they drill, not for the holes that bring forth water.
You may be wondering how the water well drillers know where to drill. Some guess, based on the greenness of the surrounding vegetation. Others guess by throwing a rock and drilling where it lands. That’s not quite reassuring when each empty hole costs $10,000 or more and your real estate purchase depends on it. Fortunately, there is a better way.
Before you hire the water well drilling company, have a groundwater survey done on your property. These surveyors use patented, scientific methods and sophisticated equipment to look underground and find out where the water is. Not only that, they can tell you how much is there, how many gallons per minute will pump out, and how long it will last. You will know how many people the well will serve and for how long.
They do this using seismoelectric survey equipment that can detect signals by sending a sound pulse down through the layers of rocks, sediments and soil. The pulse recognizes and moves the water away from the rock and a signal is sent back up to the surface. Whereever there are changes, the sound pulse sends valuable information about the depth, the thickness and the quality of the aquifer that will help to estimate the water yield in that spot. By having this survey done, you will save the cost of drilling an empty hole, and save the mess of the water well drilling itself. The survey is easy and convenient to the land. It comes in on the back of a pickup truck.
If you would like more information about the equipment, and how you can save yourself a lot of money and your land a lot of environmental damage, contact the people at Wefindwater.com. They will save you stress and trouble by finding the water before you call in the water well drilling company.