American Water Surveyors, a water finding company, uses innovative technologies such as seismo-electric water locating to efficiently locate fresh groundwater. These methods are beneficial to clients as they are less costly and provide depth and water volume data.

American Water Surveyors uses innovative technology for finding water. Finding water through water well drilling is often quite difficult and it does not always pay off.  Since you have to pay for the drilling whether or not water is found, having to pay for a hole on your property that yields no water is as frustrating as it is expensive. It’s no wonder so many residential and commercial clients trust our water-finding technology.  Not only can we help find water and tell the drillers where to drill, we can estimate the flow and yield.  No more dry wells!

Finding Water through Well Drilling

Various drilling methods have been developed due to geologic conditions, ranging from hard rock to alluvial sand and gravel. Certain drilling methods are implemented more often than others depending on the local aquifers. Each drilling method has advantages and disadvantages. Often, holes can be drilled without the use of any drilling mud, as a result minimizing the well development time and site clean up costs. Pumping tests can be carried out in zones at several depth during the drilling process to collect groundwater samples and examine the quality of all aquifers that may be present at a particular location.

Seismo-electric Method

This method is efficient for drilling fresh groundwater. The most prominent benefit of this method is measuring the streaming potential of the well water. Seismo-electrics primarily looks at the fluids in rocks and soils. Many other technologies, like Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, are also used for water well drilling, but can be much more costly and involve limitations such as the inability to give unambiguous depth information as compared with seismo-electrics. While the seismic wave stresses earth materials, several phenomenon occur: the resistivity of the earth materials modulated by the seismic wave, electro-kinetic affects analogue to streaming potential are created by the seismic waves, seismic waves create piezoelectric effects, and high audio and radio frequency impulse responses are generated in sulfide minerals.

GF 3500

The GF 3500 and seismic methods are used together in order to generate and collect seismo-electric signals. The source is used to create a sound wave which, when moved through aquifers, moves the water relative to the rock formation. The water ions that are dragged away from their partners bind to the rock; an electrical dipole is set up that flickers at seismic frequencies. The electromagnetic disturbances are created where changes in the rock occur and ions travel to the surface. This method provides depth and thickness data through reflection seismology. The form each signal gives off provides information about the depth, thickness, and quality of the aquifer. This is used to estimate the water yield from a borehole drilled at the survey site.

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