Hello and welcome to the We Find Water weblog.  To introduce us, American Water Surveyors is wholly owned and operated by SG Ventures Group, LLC. Our sister company AquaKnow provides water quality testing services to ensure your water is safe for drinking and personal use.

American Water Surveyors uses state of the art technology to provide clients the important service of finding groundwater depth, yields, and suitability prior to costly water well drilling. The EKS (Electro-Kinetic Survey) technology has been successfully used for a decade to determine depth and flow. A seismic source is used to create a sharp sound pulse. When the sound pulse moves through porous and permeable aquifers (water bearing rock formations) it travels fast in the rock matrix and slower in the water-filled pore space. Ions in the water are dragged away from their partners bound to the rock and an electrical dipole is set up that “flickers” at seismic frequencies. The electrical flickers are collected at the surface through copper clad ground rods (antennae) and transmitted by cable to a computer using proprietary software. That data is then analyzed and interpreted to determine: 1) presence of or no presence of water and 2) if water is detected then an approximate depth and yield range in gallons per minute will be provided to the client. Our services are highly portable and very affordable which allows us to bring our services to our clients, no matter where they are located. We have conducted surveys in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Kansas, Georgia, North Carolina, and Alabama. But we are not limited to those states.