Drilling for water is a difficult task, one that used to take days and weeks of educated guesses and pointless drillings to find precious underground water; and while finding these extraction sites is profitable and beneficial, the old business model was woefully inefficient. Hours of manpower were all wasted on best guess scenarios, without the certainty that these large operations would yield any results whatsoever. This has all changed thanks to seismic technology, a powerful way to survey and discover underground water sources that can save you money.Blog pic.png But what exactly is a groundwater survey? Simply put, it’s a powerful advancement in the field of earth observation, one that combines state-of-the-art technology with easy-to-use controls. Using seismic sound waves and precision-based detection hardware, deep pulses are generated within the ground. These pulses search for aquifers, underground layers of water-bearing permeable rock, rock fractures or gravel, sand or silt that can be extracted by water wells. Each different kind of aquifer can be detected by this technology, and all this information is provided to you in an easy-to-understand format that details specific information, including the depth, thickness and permeability of the aquifer. From there, you can discover the likely water yield of each new discovery and determine if you want to drill for water in that location.

By using seismic sound waves, the seismo-electric technology shows you exactly where underground water is located, but with one significant advantage: you don’t have to go drilling before learning what’s underground. Instead, you can simply read and relate the information gathered by the software and make safe and effective choices on the likelihood of water being trapped underground. No more pointless drills in the dark, hoping to find something useful, and no more wasted man hours spent digging unnecessary holes. Instead, you can find useful aquifers quickly and effectively without the need to drill for certainty.

By combining easy-to-use equipment with powerful and accurate technology, you can focus your labor force on drillings that are more likely to yield results. Thanks to the technology of the seismo-electric system, you can look at water surveying in a completely new light. Instead of educated guesses and wasted hours looking for water that simply isn’t where you thought it was, you can now efficiently and accurately discover water sources before you drill. The result is a more efficient way of looking for water, and one that could show you exactly what you’re looking for long before anyone breaks ground. Learn more about the American Water Surveyors can help you find water by visiting American Water Surveyors online or call us at 877-734-7661, ext 1.