What to Expect From a Water Surveyor

When the water surveyor comes to your property, they will need to do some testing to locate groundwater and determine the quantity, depth of the water. Therefore, a target area will be tested and then studied to identify geologic and hydrologic features.

The process may require using several techniques. The groundwater surveyor may first look at the landscape for clues of the occurrence of shallow groundwater. For example, in some areas in the Southwest the presence of plants requiring water such as willows or cottonwoods can indicate groundwater.

Surface water seen in swamps, springs, lakes or seeps, which can also reflect the presence of groundwater. Although this does not mean it is usable, or a large quantity.

The Importance of Geology – The Search for Rocks

Rocks are valuable clues when a groundwater surveyor is searching for water. They will look for favorable conditions for groundwater by preparing a geologic map and cross sections showing the positions and distribution of various types of rocks, underground and on the surface.

How Groundwater Occurs in Rocks

Groundwater is the subsurface water that completely saturates cracks or pores in rocks and soil. Thus, aquifers are replenished by precipitation that falls on the ground and seeps through.

Are There Existing Water Wells?

The groundwater surveyor will then get information on the wells that are in the target area. They will evaluate the following:

  • Water locations
  • Depth to water
  • Amount of water pumped
  • Types of underlying rocks formations identified by well records

Wells are also tested to see:

  • How much water is moving through the aquifer
  • The volume of water that can enter the well
  • The effects of pumping on water levels in the area

More Extensive Tests for Water

There is more to expect from a groundwater surveyor than the above, as there is more extensive testing that needs to be completed. A cost-conscious groundwater surveyor will then use seismoelectrics as a technique to find water. The seismoelectric instrument used is portable, rugged and simple so you won’t have heavy machinery on your property.

Our groundwater surveying equipment is designed specifically for detecting electrical signals generated by the passage of seismic impulses through layered rocks, sediments and soils.

Now that you know what to expect from a water surveyor, if you need to find water so you know where to build your well, call American Water Surveyors at 1(877) 734-7661. We are a premier service provider in the water finding industry. For more information about our services, please visit our website.