If you’ve decided to leave the hustle and bustle of the city to live in comfort and tranquility in the country, one thing you need to consider is your water supply. Living on an acreage, ranch, or farm has many advantages – clean air, beautiful natural surroundings – but figuring out what the right conditions are for drilling a well can be a challenging endeavor.

For one, you’ll need to know whether or not your property has a groundwater supply. There are many ways to do this. First, you need to determine whether the cost and benefits of drilling a well exceeds those of piping or shipping water in. Second, make sure you get access to your property’s records and geological surveys so you can find out whether a well has been dug previously on your property. You will need to know the specific location of where the well is to be drilled. Many property records can now be accessed online; however, depending on your location in the southern states, you may need to visit the public archives.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Drilling a well is not always the most efficient or cost-effective way to get access to clean, fresh water, especially in the southern states, where the climate is hotter and dryer. It may, in fact, cost you less to simply connect to a public water supply (if possible in your area) as you may run the risk of finding inadequate or poor quality water. That’s why having a water survey done before you drill a well is absolutely essential for saving you money, time, and stress.

Poor quality drinking water can cause you, your family, and even your pets or livestock to become ill, as bacteria can live and thrive in your water supply. If you decide to go ahead and drill a well, make sure that you have your water supply tested on a yearly or even bi-annual basis, as your well water can become contaminated, particularly from fecal coliform from human or animal waste. If you notice any water discoloration, strange odors, or salty tasting water, have your water tested immediately to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Hire a Professional

If you’re a resident of one of the southern states looking to drill a well, hire a professional to conduct a water survey. Even if you’re the DIY type, having a water survey done will save you countless hours of labor and spent energy and time. Plus, with a water survey, you’ll be able to avoid expensive and highly stressful mistakes. If your drillers drill a dry well, you still have to pay them by the foot. A professional water surveyor points out where the water is, and estimates the depth and yield. The surveyor can also advise if the location is not ideal even if water is found (too close to a feedlot, for example).

For more information on having a water survey performed, e-mail American Water Surveyors at info@wefindwater.com with any questions or concerns you may have. You can also visit our website at www.wefindwater.com or call us at 877-SEISMOI (734-7661). We are more than happy to respond to all of your inquiries and look forward to hearing from you! Happy drilling!