Blog pic.pngAmerican Water Surveyors knows water is important to everyone. It’s important to have a water surveyor look for water because they give professional service, the use scientific methods and equipment to find water before the water drillers arrive.

Not everyone has the luxury of having water readily available on their property. If this is the case, you will need the services of an experienced water surveying service. American Water Surveyors will help to locate water before the well drillers arrive. We understand that this is an important task and we always employ the most professional staff and use the best equipment for the job. If you need a well drilled for access to water, here is what you should choose American Water Surveyor

We Prevent Expensive Drilling

One major advantage of using the services of a water surveyor is to prevent the costs of installing a well from spiraling out of control. It can be extremely expensive to dig a well and you pay the driller even if he guesses where the water is and drills a dry well. We are able to find large water deposits using our advanced techniques. You will be able to rely on the aquifer we find for a long period of time and you won’t have to worry about having to drill for a new because the first one, or two, came up dry.

We Use Advanced Equipment

American Water Surveyors takes great pride in making sure we use the most modern, state-of-the-art equipment when we are searching for water sources. That’s why we take care in having the right computer software to make the process of finding water as efficient and reliable as possible.  We use a system that detects electrical events created from a small seismic source generated at the surface. Our software then takes the data from this receiver and analyzes it to predict the yield and depth of the aquifer.

We Test for Clean Water

Our company not only finds the water prior to drilling but we also make sure that it is safe and drinkable. Through our sister company, AquaKnow, you can analyze the water in your well or for the contaminates most likely to occur in your water source. This affordable service gets you a detailed report that you can use to help keep your family safe.

We Offer Professional Service 

It’s extremely important to us that we hire and fully train professional staff to work with our clients. We want everything that we do to be to a high standard. We partner with reliable, skilled technicians and scientists to ensure that the job is done properly and that our clients get the best water and service available. We guarantee that our work will be above reproach.

At a time when water sources are affected by the ongoing drought, it is vitally important to know where the water is before you drill, and to know the depth and yield of the flow. Contact American Water Surveyors. We have the best staff and equipment to find groundwater.