Water witches, also called dowsers, rely on a basic set of principles, along with a few gimmicks to “divine” where ground water can be found and dug for; most often for the purpose of drilling a well. These water wizards have been around for hundreds (at least) of years, and despite modern technology, people still use them – why?

Track record

The truth is, some water witches have great track records, but that’s no real surprise if you think about it. Ground water can be found in most places that receive adequate annual rainfall. In these areas, a water witch could probably throw a stone with their eyes closed and it would land on a drillable spot. So in this way, they tend to have good and productive track records, even if those records are completely misleading.

People like reassurance

Many people aren’t comfortable with modern technology and would prefer to rely on the word of someone they know, or to use the services recommended by a friend. This is basically how witches get their business these days. Having a human being on site that you can talk to, question, and watch perform their ‘magic’ is sometimes more reassuring than staring at a lot of equipment that you don’t understand.

It’s a financial trade off

Digging a well is expensive, so you certainly don’t want to drill a dry well. In order save money, many property owners would forgo land surveying in favor of drilling in an area that they feel is ripe with potential. Along these lines comes a water witch, a practice that many see as just as good, or equivalent to water surveying. A water witch is cheaper than a water survey.

The important thing to remember is that water witches aren’t 100 per cent right all the time. In fact, there is a very real chance you will drill a dry well even after consulting one. Why? The methodology of the water witch, and the tools of their trade – often a forked stick or rod – are simply not capable of locating and identifying an adequate water source. A water witch may be able to locate the flow of surface water, but that in no way guarantees that there is a usable aquifer in that location.

If you do not do a survey, or if you rely on a water witch, you are taking a huge risk financially. Isn’t it better to spend a little more to get real, science-based results and peace of mind?

Trust the tech

It may cost you a bit more in the long run, but hiring an experienced water surveying company is simply your best option, because you are paying for real results. Water surveyors locate water on your land, or inform you that there is no usable water on your land – all without having to drill. So, if they find no usable water, you’ll be out the cost of the surveyors but not out the cost of the drillers. You have to pay well drillers by the foot, regardless of if they find water or not. Save money with a technological water survey, not by hoping for hit-or-miss results with a dowser.

Hundreds of years ago, well digging and water finding was a lot like playing the lottery, and while some people developed a bit of a pseudo-science in this area, it’s by no means reliable or necessary today. Save your money and invest in the proper resources to ensure you find and drill a usable well.

We have many years of experience in expertly finding water and accurately estimating the depth and yield of the flow so you can confidently tell the drillers exactly where to drill. To learn more, or to book your technical water survey, contact American Water Surveyors today.