Spend money to save money – know where to drill before calling the well drillers and save money!


Summary: Knowing where to drill before calling the well drillers can actually save money in the long run. American Water Surveyors can conduct a water test before digging to determine depth and yield, saving you thousands of dollars.

Digging a well is a huge expense, especially when certain precautions aren’t taken first. Although saving money is always a priority, sometimes spending money is necessary to see the savings down the road. For example, well-drillers are paid by the foot regardless of whether or not they find water. More often than not, people spend thousands of dollars for a dry well because they chose not to conduct a water survey on the land prior to drilling. Instead, many drill test wells, use water divination or simply guess at the best place to drill a well. This ultimately leads to spending more money for unsatisfactory results. The best thing to do before you drill is to first conduct a water survey.

What is a water survey?

A water survey involves using cutting edge technology to measure groundwater depths and yields. A water survey is beneficial to ranchers/farmers, municipalities, homeowners, real estate developers, golf course developers, water well drillers and any other entity requiring well locating or completion planning. The transmissivity of water can be mapped from the surface, and yield can be estimated in gallons per minute or liters per second.

Who should conduct a water survey and why?

Ranchers and farmers: If you’re looking to open up a new pasture for your livestock and not sure if you have a water source, you’ll want to conduct a water survey before you drill for a new water stock tank.

Homeowners: If you’ve just purchased land or an acreage and plan to build a home, it’s important to know where the optimum place is to drill. Conducting a water survey will help you to save on expenses such as water supply lines, ensure you drill where there is the most volume, determine where you should place your home and avoid drilling any deeper than you need to.

Well drillers: Well drillers will want to conduct a water survey so that they can help customers determine the optimum place to drill for water or source underground aquifer depths. Water surveys will allow you to get the most out of your drilling rig by drilling only once to ensure customer satisfaction.

Real estate developers: If you’re looking to develop real estate and need a water source to meet your project needs, a water survey will be of huge benefit to you. Will you have lakes and ponds that utilize a natural underground water source? Will you use city water to irrigate your golf course or provide your own ater source to save money? Hiring a company to conduct a water survey will help to address all these questions.

Municipalities: Municipalities looking at growing populations and developments that put strain on natural resources would benefit from conducting a water survey. The survey would help with long-range plans by mapping and profiling aquifer depth and thickness to plan drilling and determine aquifer quality.

Golf course developers: If you’re looking to develop a golf course, it’s important to accurately determine if your site has and adequate water supply. A water survey can help accomplish this task and identify groundwater resources that yield the required volume for your sprinkler needs, ensuring your golf course is maintained and retains a pristine appearance after completion.

Contact American Water Surveyors to conduct a water survey before you drill. We can help you save thousands of dollars by determining depth and yield and the optimum place to drill for water. Don’t waste time and money by drilling blindly, contact us today!