Description: Safe drinking water is incredibly important. Here are five signs that you should have your water tested as soon as possible.

Clean drinking water is something that we all take for granted. When we turn on the tap, we expect that the water will be safe and good for us. Drinking adequate amounts of water is essential for a healthy body, but what if the water that comes out of your tap is not as safe as it seems?

If you are unsure about the safety of your drinking water, it might be time for you to get it tested. Here are five signs that you need a water test:

  • Flooding
    1. If your area has experienced flooding in the recent months, it might be time to have your drinking water tested. When it floods, the water collects beyond the normal waterways and extends into areas of land that are normally dry. These areas can contain in contaminants like fertilizer, oil, animal waste, and excessive salts. Floods can wash all of these harmful contaminants into the drinking water.
  • Oil & Gas Wells
    1. Oil and gas wells in your area may be affecting the quality of your household water. In some places, the oil and gas industry’s fracking technology can cause natural gas to leach into your well. If you suspect that your drinking water quality is being affected by nearby fracking, then you should have your water tested as soon as possible.
  • Water Tastes or Looks Different
    1. If your water starts to taste different or takes on a cloudy appearance, you should have it tested. Water that has drastically changed in taste could be contaminated. Water that is cloudy, murky or contains a lot of sediment should also be tested. There could be pollutants or microbes in the water source or a problem with the well itself. Trust your senses – if it doesn’t taste good or look good, then have it tested.
  • News of Tainted Water in Local Area
    1. If your local news has reported on contaminated water in your area, then you should consider having your water tested. Groundwater is shared and usually what is happening close by is probably happening in your taps, too.
  • Irregular Skin Irritation
  1. Have you noticed that your skin is unusually irritated after a shower? Do you have rashes that you cannot account for? If so, you should have your water tested to make sure that pollutants are not the cause.

Having your water checked is a simple procedure. First, order a water test kit from a reputable company. Second, follow the instructions for collecting a sample. Third, send the sample to the company. The testing company will provide you with a detailed report with their findings.

Using AquaKnow, who works with a network of laboratories, means that your water testing results will be accurate and reliable. AquaKnow also has a staff of customer service experts that can help you choose the right water test kit for your situation. We have years of experience in working with home and property owners, and commercial building managers.

If you have any doubts about the safety of your water, it is best to have it tested. Keep your family safe by knowing what you are drinking.

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