Description: Learn why real estate developers should use the support of water finding services to ensure their properties have adequate sources of safe water.

Real estate development is a vast industry, from residential and commercial, to industrial properties all around the world. One of the most important aspects of a property, when it is outside of access to municipal plumbing, is finding a proper source of water that is adequate for the needs of the development. This ranges from a simple small well for a house, to a large well suitable for pumping vast amounts of water daily for an industrial property.

If you are a real estate developer looking for a water source for a property, would you just hire a diviner with a wooden forked rod, or just dig randomly on the property? Of course not. To save time and money, you look to a professional water finding company that uses a science-backed method.

Finding Water Before Drilling and Building

Drilling randomly on a property when you need a certain water capacity is very rarely going to turn out to be a good idea. Drilling wells is very expensive, you generally pay by the foot for a well, and if you don’t hit water or hit a source with too low of capacity, you have to start over and pay for another exploratory well. Aquifers could be anywhere on any given property, but they are not everywhere, and not all aquifers are equal. Hiring a water finding service to support your real estate development can help you save a lot of money, and save a lot of time. Drilling after you have started building your development, you could find that the best source of water is directly below where you have already started building, or even worse, below where you have already designated runoff or cesspools to be placed.

Drought Proof Your Real Estate Development

Through a proper survey of your property by a water finding service, the best location for a well can be found for your real estate development. A professional survey can accurately detect the depth of water aquifers, as well as the yields without needing to even drill first. Not only is a proper survey important for ensuring good yields during normal operation of a property, but you will also be able to drought proof a property, so that hot weather and poor rainfall won’t reduce the well yields.

Discover Water Supply Issues Before You Build

Another important aspect that isn’t often considered when hiring a water finding service to support real estate development, is the fact that they also do testing of the soil and surrounding surface water for contaminants. The survey will also often look at surrounding properties in order to raise concerns about runoff that could taint water sources on the property. High contaminant levels can result in a water source that is not potable, or in the case of commercial or industrial developments, result in dangerous chemical interactions.

Well Rounded Water Finding Support for Real Estate Developers

Using the support of a professional water finding with seismoelectric survey instruments and the assistance of a water testing lab gives real estate developers an edge in ensuring their development has the safe, high-yield water source it needs. American Water Surveyors is available even during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure you find the water source you need.

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