Once said by famous Italian polymath Leonard Da Vinci: “Water is the driving force of all nature.” Understanding that water is critical to everything in nature, including humans, you know that securing a safe source of water in any situation is key. While many people and businesses have trouble during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially with social distancing protocols needing to be followed, water surveys still are a necessary step in drilling new wells for homesteads, farms, and industrial properties alike. Drilling for water without knowing where a good quality source with sufficient flow rate is, is like gambling; you’ll waste a lot of money if you have to throw the dice again if the first well isn’t sufficient.

What is a Water Survey?

A water survey, such as those done by American Water Surveyors, uses technology, as well as existing geological and water table survey data to determine the best location to drill a well on a property. Through the use of sound waves targeted through the ground, aquifers can be found deep underground, and all sorts of data from the equipment used can be analyzed to determine the size of an aquifer and its expected yield rate. Without a proper water survey, if you drill blindly you may hit an aquifer, but you may not get the yield rate you need for your property, or you may not hit one at all.

Water Survey Safety During COVID-19

Water surveys do require trained professionals to come onto the property and walk around to do their scans. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to properly adhere to social distancing rules, and also wear protective masks and have disinfectant available. Water surveys generally do not need a large number of people on the property at one time, so they can be safely done without the need for the property owner to be on site. With proper personal protective equipment, surveyors can complete the survey safely, and still be able to perform the necessary steps to find the right aquifer for your water well needs.

Benefits of a Water Survey

There are several benefits of a water survey, some that were mentioned above. Benefits for having a water survey done by American Water Surveyors include:

  • Saving Money: You only have to dig once if you have a professional water survey completed. The surveyor will discover the best location for a well, with an aquifer that has sufficient yield rates for all your needs, whether it’s a home, a farm, or an industrial property.
  • Safer Drilling: By doing a survey beforehand, any pockets underground that could have air or gas in them can be discovered. This means drillers are aware of them, before they begin drilling, preventing dangerous gas leaks or collapsing of ground. American Water Surveyors is your best and safest choice for finding a reliable source of water, even during a pandemic, on your property. Click here to learn more.