Description: Are you a municipality in need of a reliable water source? American Water Surveyors can help.

Today, municipalities are growing at an extraordinary rate, and the land that they cover is increasing as well. This not only creates an issue where more people are in need of a reliable municipal water supply, but these water supplies also need to be geographically strategic and able to handle increasing demand in the future.

The ability to find these kinds of water supplies requires technology and training, specifically in using seismoelectric readings of the land. To do this, municipalities need the help of American Water Surveyors.

Finding a Municipal Water Supply

While finding a well for a regular residential home can be quite easy, depending on where you are in the country, finding a municipal water supply is more difficult. Not only does the water supply need to be significantly larger, it also needs to be much more reliable as it can service hundreds or thousands of customers. Ideally, that water supply also needs to be in a place where it can be easily harvested and connected to an existing water infrastructure. If it is not, then the supply may be completely unstable.

American Water Surveyors works closely with municipalities to create maps of ideal water source or aquifer, locations. Services that we offer include:

  • Map and profile aquifer depth and thickness to plan drilling
  • Map and profile aquifer quality (permeability and porosity) to manage drilling programs
  • Predict borehole yield and correct position and size of pumps and casing
  • Manage aquifer development by siting new boreholes optimally for yield and long-term recharge
  • Delineate saline and polluted aquifers

With these services, your municipality can get a better idea of where your best water supplies may be located, the potential treatment plans that will be required, and even an insight into how much water you can draw from the site over the years. This not only helps you create a better plan for water infrastructure, it can also help you and your team save money by drilling only where your best bets for a quality aquifer exist.

The Benefits of Seismoelectric Water Finding Technology

Water finding technology has changed dramatically in the years since it relied on the pseudoscience of dowsing. Today, instead of waving around sticks, or simply digging and hoping for the best, water surveyors can use seismoelectric scanners to take a peek deep into the ground to find reliable water sources.

Armed with the right equipment, water surveyors send pulses deep into the earth and read how those pulses reflect back. This creates a rough map of where water may be located, the possible yield and more. Combined with a more general survey of the area, a trained water surveyor can also create a better picture of what the water itself may contain. Overall, that means you will have insight into the amount and quality of any potential aquifer.

American Water Surveyors has found significant water supplies for growing municipalities across America. Our services help you find the water you need for a lot less money than you may think.

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