Summary: Living off the grid can be satisfying but you will need reliable and clean water. Here’s what to consider before you start looking for well water sources.

Many of us dream of getting off the grid, of living our best lives far away from the hustle and bustle of cities and towns. For many, this remains a dream for their whole lives but, for some, it can be a reality. With reality comes certain needs and basic necessities, one of which is having a source of clean water that you can readily access.

Many properties that are off the grid have very little access to the services and amenities that people living on the grid take for granted. This includes power but one of the most important amenities is clean water, to which there are many different options.

Options for water at your off the grid property

The options include having water trucked in on a regular basis or drilling for well water on your property.

Trucking in water can be reliable and will come with a guarantee of cleanliness, which is absolutely paramount, but it won’t necessarily be available whenever you need it. In fact, your water truck may not be able to reach you during times of extreme or harsh weather, such as storms and hurricanes. This applies also if you choose to supply your water off of your property and port it in yourself, which means something like a vehicle breaking down forces you to ration your water.

Strongly consider a water survey to find a clean and reliable water source on your own property. If you have your own water supply, even if it isn’t your primary source of water, you can truly live off of the grid and not be so dependent on trucked-in water.

In fact, many people who live in more rural settings choose to have water surveys done to discover water on their own property even if they have access to the municipal supply. This ensures that they are able to have clean water if the existing infrastructure goes down, or an alternative water source that is cheaper than municipal.

Reasons to get a water survey before you drill a well

Why should you get a water survey instead of simply drilling for well water? There are two major reasons why residents contact us for water surveying. First is to save money. Second is to ensure that the water supply is reliable and consistent.

Finding water underground is challenging but it ultimately saves people money. This is because drilling is extremely expensive and labor intensive. Water surveying by American Water Surveyors, by contrast, is cost-effective. Thanks to our expertise and technology, we can assess water sources hidden deep under your property without unnecessary drilling. That means less time drilling and more money saved.

Our surveying doesn’t simply find water, it also helps us assess its reliability. This is especially important for anyone who wants to live off of the grid to ensure they have water when they need it most. Without a water survey, your well water could dry up much faster than anticipated.

Contact us if you are going off the grid

If you are thinking about living off the grid, be sure to contact us for a water survey. It will help you have the water you need, when you need it, so that you can enjoy your life without worrying about where your next glass of clean water is coming from.