Why You Need a Water Finding Company Before You Drill a Well in this State

Summary:Finding water in Texas is much like finding water in other states, but it is important to know who to trust when finding a reliable source of groundwater. American Water Surveyors offers a cost-effective method of finding water that will produce long-lasting results.

Are you looking to drill a water well in the State of Texas? Before you do, you should contact American Water Surveyors. Having completed over 640 groundwater surveys in 22 states, we are qualified and experienced in the art of finding water.

How Texas Gets its Water

There are a few different sources of water in Texas. Water can either be collected from the surface (such as from rivers, lakes, or streams), from groundwater (accessed by wells that tap into aquifers), or a mix of surface and groundwater, rainwater, or springs.

The treatment needed in order to make that water safe to drink differs between regions and the method of collection used. By understanding where your water comes from, you will be able to better protect the quality and quantity of your water source and protect it from contaminants.

When it comes down to it, drilling water wells in Texas is no different than water well drilling in New Mexico, but you will still need a basic understanding of how a well is constructed and what questions to ask your driller before any drilling begins.

Find Water Before You Drill in Texas

Drilling for fresh water can be an expensive and time-consuming process. Whether you are already planning on drilling water wells in Texas or are looking at Texas drilling companies, consider having American Water Surveyors conduct an affordable groundwater surveyon your property before you begin.

We have been hired not only by our clients directly, but have also assisted New Mexico well drillers, Texas well drillers, and water well drillers in other states, prior to any actual drilling taking place. Knowing the depth and yield before you drill a water well can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. It’s important to keep in mind that water well drillers get paid by the foot whether they find water or not. In comparison to this, our water finding services cost far less than drilling test wells or dry wells.

American Water Surveyors use the world’s leading technology to measure groundwater depths and yields from the surface, assisting a wide range of people including ranchers and farmers, municipalities, homeowners, real estate developers, and golf course developers.

Find Water in Texas

No matter where you live, there is a universal need for clean water. It’s only big cities and densely populated areas have piped water. Everywhere else, aquifers (also known as groundwater) are often what provide clean, fresh water.

If you need a water finding company anywhere in the state of Texas, we can help. The only real, effective method of finding a groundwater source is through physics and seismoelectric technology. Our methods will not only save you time and money, they will also ensure that you have a reliable source of clean water for years to come.

Contact American Water Surveyors at 1-877-SEISMO1 (734-7661) or info@wefindwater.comto find out more or to request a quote.