Ranching and farming rely on water to support livestock and crops. When more water is needed for a farm or a ranch, the natural solution is often to dig a well. However, to make sure you get optimal results from your well, it’s important to call the professionals at American Water Surveyors. Here are some of the critical pieces of information and advice they can help with.

When Do You Need to Drill a Well?

There are many scenarios when your farm or ranch might benefit from digging a well. For example, if you’re expanding and getting a new pasture for your livestock, it might not already have a water source, and you’ll have to drill for new water supply in that area.


You want to make sure you have a decent supply of water, or else you’ll have wasted all that money to drill the well. With a farm or a ranch, this is especially crucial, as farmers and ranchers need the water to make their living and keep everything running. American Water Surveyors can help you to ensure that you find the optimal yield for your land, and can even provide you with an estimate of the yield in both gallons per minute and liters per second.


You’ll also need to know how deep down the water is before you drill a well. American Water Surveyors provides farmers and ranchers with the information they need about depth, so the well drillers know exactly where, and how far, to drill. Well drillers get paid by the foot even if they drill a dry well. Don’t take that chance! Know where to drill with a water survey from American Water Surveyors.


Making sure your farm or ranch has quality water is vital. The last thing you want is to spread e.coli or some other contamination to yourself or others, so taking the time to hire American Water Surveyors can be an absolute lifesaver for farmers and ranchers. They will be able to assure you that you have adequate water from a quality source where you are planning to dig a well.


Drilling a well is no small endeavor. It is extremely expensive in a lot of cases, and that’s why it’s important to have it done right the first time. You don’t want to pick the wrong location or water source, only to find out after you’ve paid all of that money and drilled through your land. American Water Surveyors will ensure that you don’t make costly mistakes when deciding to drill a well on your ranch or farm, providing key advice and information you shouldn’t start without.


American Water Surveyors can also measure the transmissivity of your water source. Ranchers and farmers can rely on an accurate calculation based on the mapping American Water Surveyors does from the surface of your land.

Overall, farmers and ranchers often need to dig wells for groundwater, however it’s best to call American Water Surveyors before breaking ground to save yourself money, time, and ensure safety of the water source.