Summary: If you live in the western United States, chances are, you will experience the effects of drought, but are you ready? Drilling deep wells that can sustain your family through these periods of drought is the best way to prevent disaster.

Everyone knows the importance of having access to clean, fresh drinking water. It’s necessary for human survival, after all. However, have you stopped to consider how at risk you might be of experiencing a drought in your area? What would you do if that happened? American Water Surveyors understands the importance of finding a deep groundwater source, to protect you and your family from drought.

What States are at Risk of Drought?

The United States Drought Monitor is a great resource to use in order to stay up-to-date on the risk of drought in your region. As it stands currently, the only States that are currently experiencing patches of extreme to exceptional drought are New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, and small sections of Oregon and Utah. The map also outlines which sections of the country are experiencing short-term impacts of drought (typically less than six months, i.e. agriculture and grasslands), versus those that are experiencing long-term impacts (typically greater than six months, i.e. hydrology and ecology). The states at risk of long-term drought are concentrated on the west side of the US, including Oregon, Nevada, California, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. In these states in particular, it is important to take the threat of long-term drought into consideration when drilling a well.

How Can You Prevent Drought Disaster?

Do not allow your family to suffer during a drought. If you live in the western United States, it is essential that you prepare for the worst by ensuring that your family has a deep, stable source of groundwater that can be relied upon, even during seasons of drought. Simply finding water doesn’t always solve the problem. If your groundwater source is too shallow, the groundwater will quickly dry up during a drought. Drilling test wells or dry wells will never give you an accurate reading as to how deep your groundwater source goes. Also, drillers will often get paid by the foot as they drill. You may never find water, but could spend hundreds of dollars on test wells just trying to find a deep aquifer to sustain your family. The only way to ensure that you’ve found a deep, fruitful source of groundwater is to do a groundwater survey prior to drilling.

Why Choose American Water Surveyors?

American Water Surveyors uses state-of-the-art technology to find the very best water sources available in your region. Although we’re located in Texas, we always use portable discovery and drilling equipment, which allows our water well surveyors to deliver our services all throughout the United States. We use this technology to not only locate water, but to also measure depths and yields. The transmissivity of water can be mapped from the surface, and the yield can be estimated in gallons per minute or litres per second. EKS technology has been successfully used for over a decade to determine depth and flow. By choosing us, you will know exactly what you’re getting before you drill, and can rest assured that your family retains access to clean drinking water, even during a drought. Contact American Water Surveyors toll free at 1-877-734-7661 to find out more or to book your own survey!