While many municipalities have extensive water systems in place for their residents, as they expand and take over unincorporated land reliable water supplies can become more difficult. Often, the problem relies in infrastructure: it is simply too expensive to connect the further regions of a municipality to the established water system. In these instances, a water surveying company can help find a water source independent of the current system, one that can provide reliable and clean water to residents and businesses on the outskirts.

Here is a breakdown of how water surveying companies like American Water Surveyors are helping municipalities find groundwater sources.

Finding New Water Sources

For many municipalities that are expanding into unincorporated territory, expanding existing water infrastructure is often unfeasible. In these instances, where businesses or properties require consistent and quality water, the solution is to plan for new infrastructure that can support long-term development.

Municipalities looking to expand their water service area can contact American Water Surveyors. We work directly with your departments to figure out the ideal location and sourcing for new water supplies and do so in a cost-effective and efficient way.

Assessing the Groundwater Source

It’s not just the fact that municipalities need to find groundwater for new developments. That groundwater source must be able to support the new infrastructure and remain viable as the community grows and develops.

American Water Surveyors uses EKS technology to find the depth and yield of the source.

Imagine finding groundwater and tapping in, building infrastructure and developing a community, only to discover the water source is insufficient over the long term or depletes too quickly in times of drought. Fixing a problem on this scale means huge and costly disruptions, trenching up landscaping, and annoying taxpaying residents and businesses. All this is very easily avoided by doing front-end due diligence.

The advantage is clear: Not only does American Water Surveyors locate groundwater using scientific and proven methods, that groundwater is carefully analyzed to ensure it is a viable source for long-term use and development. With our water finding for municipalities, by the time the water drillers arrive they know where and how far to dig. Without a water survey drillers drill test holes – and each one has a cost even if it’s a dry hole. Knowing before you dig saves you money and a lot of headaches in the long term.

Need a Water Survey?

If you are a municipality in search of water supply solutions, be sure to contact American Water Surveyors. We are equipped with the latest technology and training that makes finding reliable water easy and effective. Learn more on our site and on our blog.